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Product Details

What’s Thycotic & How it helps you to be secured?

If you want to get rid of cyberattacks, Thycotic can support you do that by securing your passwords, saving endpoints, and controlling the application access. It’s one of the world’s fastest-growing IT security companies because they serve customers with the freedom to select cloud or on-premise software solutions that are easiest to implement in the industry. The software has grown with more than 10K clients and its highly accepted worldwide.

Thycotic holds the entitlement of being the leading provider of cloud-ready privilege management solutions. Its security tools empower around 10K organizations from small to Fortune 500. The company works on privilege account risk, privilege policies, apps, and compliances. It’s the enterprise management tool that is available for everyone and works for you by eliminating the dependency on complex security devices and help you gain productivity, flexibility, and control in your business. Its headquarters are situated in Washington DC but is handled by the offices of the UK and Australia.

Services of Thycotic

Secret Server

With Thycotic, you can easily and efficiently work on privileged account recovery, it’s provisioning and protection. The secret Server will allow you to handle the privileged account, vault credentials, government service accounts, transferable access, monitor, and record sessions. The services of Thycotic are easy to use and fast to deploy. You can use the software for enterprise-grade privileged access management and governing all size corporations. You can easily install the secret server or implement it on the cloud along with performing the knowledge transfer. You can also work on enterprise adoption strategy, administration and permission audits, security evaluation, and more. All this can make your business run smoothly and easily.

Privilege Manager

The service allows reviewing your current business environments and helps you make disaster recovery plans and evaluate the architecture of your trade. It helps you get an idea about all the business dependencies like agent location, user involved in your project, systems used in work, and more. You will do administrative audits for your account and upgrade new product features in it. The service helps you in providing the help desk support with business users as the productivity is never impacted.

Cloud Access Control

The software can help you get access to LaaS, SaaS, applications, and databases and help you get easy access for remote workers and third parties without the support of clients, agents, or VPNs. You can set up the dashboards, reports, and alerts for your administrators so they can work rapidly and with accurate information. With Thycotic, you can give users access to the most important business data depending on the user’s needs. Thus you can generate an attractive income out of your business using this tool.

Contact Details

  1. Thycotic
  2. Founded in 1996
  4. Located in United States

Thycotic Pricing Overview

The pricing of the site can be known through the “request a quote” page of the site. You can fill out your credentials and they will disclose their prices for you.

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Thycotic Features

  • Credential Management
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Password Generator
  • Password Synchronization
  • Single Sign On
  • User Management
  • Anti Spam
  • Anti Virus
  • Audit Trail
  • Compliance Management
  • Database Security Audit
  • File Access Control
  • Financial Data Protection
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Security Event Log
  • Virus Definition Update
  • Vulnerability Protection
  • Activity Log
  • Anti Virus
  • Application Security
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Device Management
  • Encryption
  • Signature Matching
  • Web Threat Management
  • Whitelisting/Blacklisting
  • Access Certification
  • Compliance Management
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Password Management
  • Privileged Account Management
  • Self-Service Access Request
  • Single Sign On
  • User Provisioning

Frequently Asked Questions

When you are included as a contact to your account, you can easily make a support portal account by doing a password reset with the help of an email address. You can enter your email and contact the administrator of Thycotic products in your organization. Everything will be simple when you contact the admin.
Firstly login to the account you have created on Thycotic site. Now click on the blue box that has a pin code titled on the site After clicking on this link you will get the security pin code.
If you are stuck in this situation, you need to send a hard copy letter on your organization letterhead and send it to Thycotic. You can check out the whole process on the link
For opening your support case, log in to the portal of Now click on the “Cases tab” and create a case. Logged-in users can use the contact us button at the bottom of the portal landing page for opening a new case.
Customers have 30 days to activate their licenses after an upgrade. New licenses have to be activated immediately after they are added on secret Server. Evaluation licenses do not require activation. Users that are presently utilizing the services of Thycotic have 30 days for turning on their license after an upgrade. Fresh licenses require the activation when they are added to the secret server, but the evaluation licenses don’t.