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Product Details

SEMrush is an online platform that sets its users up for success in the areas of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click advertising (PPC). It is also useful for those needing to learn more about content, social media marketing, and research on a user’s competition. It is an all in one digital marketing tool. The company claims to have served over 5000000 users throughout the world.

Users are presented with a variety of tools that apply to their needs. Choices can be made, such as tracking positions and completing a site audit. Then, in addition to this, there is the opportunity to do brand monitoring along with auditing of backlinks. One of the features that stands out the most is this platform’s ability to be able to act as a “social listening” platform.

This Product is broken down into three main categories.

  • Tools: In this section of the product there are tools for domain comparison, charts, reports and, CPC map, Along with additional tools such as Keyword magic tool, SEO writing assistant, and topic research.


  • Analytics Report: This section of the product provides detailed reports on different types of research that the product has been used for such as traffic analytics, keyword research, organic research along with several others.


  • Projects: The project section allows users to develop projects for research like position tracking, site audits, ad building organic traffic insights

Each tool provided through this product allows the user to complete various tasks like doing a market analysis. It provides information needed for subscribers to be able to monetize their site. It can provide all the data necessary to create content marketing strategies or social media campaigns.

SEMrush is comparable to many of what are considered to be top-notch SEO platforms. It may be lacking in some areas compared to others but makes up for it by being user friendly and offering the key components that businesses require to scale up their SEO efforts. The one area where it may be lacking compared to some of the other programs is within keyword management. But, most clients find that the value that this platform provides for the money makes up for this shortcoming.

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SEMrush Pricing Overview

SEMrush attempts to provide individual plans that will cover most business budgets. Currently, three plans are being offered starting at $99.95 a month. They offer a free trial. For help and learning, this is offered through a knowledge base, their academy, and a SEMrush API. They also offer community support, webinars and events. There is an extensive help centre where multiple articles can be accessed for additional information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Overall the consensus is that the data provided by SEMrush is a very close estimate. Although some reviews state that there is some lag in its accuracy.
It seems that the majority of users, no matter what their skills or level of expertise, find the SEMrush platform easy to use. The dashboard provides simple to follow information. The site is easy to navigate, and the left sidebar has the five primary tabs for each of the tools that are offered.
One of the hardest metrics to decipher with other platforms that provide analytical data is organic search positions. This is one of the best features of this platform, according to many of its clients. The data includes a list of all the keywords that a site is ranking for and exactly where they are ranking. This is beneficial information for those who are tracking campaigns where they are targeting specific keywords.
Traffic is extremely important, whether it is paid or organic. The tool in this platform allows the user to search on what their site's traffic is comprised of or any of their competitor's websites. The data provided is a close estimate of the traffic. More importantly, users can see what the interaction is that is taking place for the site they are doing the search on. They can retrieve valuable data such as the average page views or how long the sessions are. This information can then be compared to the performance of the user's site.
While a lot of people use this platform to assist them with their SEO marketing, there are several that utilize it for their PPC campaigns. What they may do is an analysis of the competitor's keywords and their ad copy text. Users can see the actual ads that are running for specific search terms. By paying attention to the length of time the ad has been running, it is a reliable indicator of how well that ad has been performing. Users can then mimic some of the text in their own ad copy to achieve similar results.
The company relies on various assets for retrieving the data they provide to their clients. This includes information that is collected from more than 200 million internet users that are spread out over 190 countries and various regions.
New users can go to the knowledge base and check out the Getting Started section here.
Users can be assigned to the subscriber's account where thee are three roles which are owner, user and admin, Team members can be added through the subscription info page or by directly contacting support through phone or email.