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Seller Labs comprises of several Amazon tools, which are designed to help sellers on the Amazon platform to optimize their profits. It is mainly known to help with seller reviews and feedback, search engine optimization, and various advertising solutions. Its wide variety of features are categorized into four packages, Ignite, Feedback Genius, Scope, and Performance. Here is a better look at what each package has to offer.


Ignite is designed to help sellers optimize their time and maximize their advertising. With it, you can maximize profitability by automating your Amazon advertisement campaigns to ensure they are always optimized. Doing so makes the campaigns more efficient without impacting the budget a lot. The package also helps you to save time and effort. That is because it offers you the best suggestions on optimizing campaigns, relieving you of too much research work. Below are some of the things you can do using the features of the package.

  • Replicate profitable campaigns easily to reduce work and time while increasing sales.
  • Manage sponsored brands advertisements
  • Schedule your ads for the peak and most profitable times
  • Use personalized suggestions to optimize your ads, get keyword suggestions to use on your sponsored brands and products
  • Convert your keywords to manual so that they can earn you more money
  • Get more data than you can get from Amazon
  • Do bulk ads campaign optimizations


Feedback Genius

With Feedback Genius, you can delight your customers quite a lot, all while building your Amazon brand. It is designed to get you more reviews by automatically asking your buyers to offer product reviews at the best times. It can also help you to gain stronger seller feedback, which improves your reputation and increases customer loyalty. The templates and automation features help you save your efforts and time, yet still enhance the buyer experience. With Feedback Genius, you can do the following.

  • Engage buyers a lot more by using automated emails to solicit product reviews or share product information.
  • Improve your reputation by getting reviews and feedback notifications to respond to and assist unhappy customers on time.
  • Use professional email templates to display your brand and get your messages across to your buyers
  • To determine what is working and what isn’t by using detailed analytics and split testing
  • To increase your email open rates by delivering emails at the most appropriate times.



The Scope package helps you to discover the most profitable products and keywords on Amazon. The features can get you more traffic, which usually means more sales by improving your paid and organic rankings. The features also allow you to do a reverse ASIN lookup, which gives you a lot of information regarding what your competitors are doing. If you are looking for a new product, Scope can help you understand the potential profits of any new product before choosing, making your decision easier.


Seller Labs offers powerful business analytics that can provide data-driven solutions to help grow your business. With this package, you can get up to two years of analysis to discover more opportunities and maximize profits. The analysis also allows you to visualize your growth a lot better so that you can monitor the key metrics and make better business decisions.

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SellerLabs Pricing Overview

The pricing structure on Seller Labs is customized in a way that suits all Amazon sellers. The cheapest subscription for the monthly plan goes for $49, going all the way to $499 for the highest subscription. The yearly plan offers some savings, as it ranges from $39 per month to $399 per month. Sellers can also take advantage of the 30-day free trial offer before paying for a premium plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Seller Labs supports nine Amazon marketplaces. Those are the USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, UK, Spain, France, Italy, and India.
That should be the first thing to do after creating your account. Connecting your account to an Amazon marketplace allows you to read or write various data from Amazon. To connect the Amazon Advertising Console, you will need an MWS configuration.
Yes. Some of the additional services offered by Seller Labs are advertising management, photo services, listing optimization, and messaging optimization. You have to pay separately for the services, which is worth it as they can help your business grow significantly.
The easiest and most effective way of getting help is by contacting a customer representative. You can get in touch with one via the live chat option. You can also try to find answers to your queries from the knowledge Center, which has comprehensive articles about all basics related to Seller Labs. Engaging with other users on the active Seller Labs forum or social media is also a good idea.

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