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Product Details

NeverBounce is a trusted email verification and email cleaning service provider that helps businesses scale their email marketing campaigns by ensuring they keep healthy lists. Boasting over 125,000 customers, NeverBounce is the ultimate solution for companies that are looking for affordable and reliable email verification software. Choose the pay-as-you-go plan, buy bulk credits, or monthly billing, and experience the highest accuracy and fast turnaround.

NeverBounce comes with three features.

1. Bulk Email List Cleaning
NeverBounce prides itself in the unmatched 20+ step proprietary email list cleaning process that checks every email up to 75 times. The software deploys several tools to detect duplicate emails, emails with syntax errors, catch-all domains, emails without valid MX records, spam-trap emails, etc. The NeverBounce Bulk Email List Cleaning is what you need to safeguard your sender’s reputation and guarantee high deliverability of your campaigns.

2. Real-Time Email Verification
To ensure your lists are healthy always, NeverBounce has a real-time email verification feature that verifies all emails immediately they are added to your list. The Verify function can be easily integrated with all your email collection channels, including lead pages, signup forms, newsletter signups, POS terminals, CRM software, and so on. The real-time verification function is available on the NeverBounce dashboard and can also be accessed via third-party apps, including email service providers (ESP), and CRM software.

3. Automated List Cleaning
With new emails coming in daily, and others going bad, you need to clean the lists regularly, but that’s hectic. NeverBounce allows you to automate your list cleaning by connecting with your email provider, thus ensuring accurate and healthy lists around the clock. You can forget about list cleaning to focus more on other aspects of your email marketing campaigns. NeverBounce is the industry’s only automated list cleaning service, and with the right email marketing software program, you can have your business on autopilot.

Just like most email verification software, NeverBounce uses Bulk Email Verification tools, Catch-all Server Detection, Domain Check, Single Email Verification, Syntax Check, Spam Trap Detection, Mail Server Validation, and Disposable Email Detection tools. All these guarantee the highest accuracy and 99.9% deliverability. As a matter of fact, the company promises that the bounce rate won’t exceed 3% after using their service, and if it does, they will refund the difference.

Customer support is steadfast, and the agents can be reached via telephone or live chat. There are also plenty of resources to help users.

Integrations for Seamless Data Transfer
To suit the different needs of customers, NeverBounce integrates with several apps, including ActiveCampaign, ActiveTrail, Agile CRM, AWeber, CleverReach, ClickFunnels, Formdesk, and Constant Contact, just to mention a few. Users can also build their integration using custom API, Javascript widgets, and webhooks.

Contact Details

  1. NeverBounce (DiscoverOrg)
  2. Founded in 2014
  4. Located in United States

NeverBounce Pricing Overview

NeverBounce doesn't have a free lifetime version, but there is a free trial. Pricing depends on the number of emails you want to verify.

Starting Price
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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no fixed rates for NeverBounce. The company offers email verification services on a pay-as-you-go basis. The more emails you verify, the lower the rates.
Upon signing up for an account, users get 1,000 free credits, unlimited list testing analysis, API Access, and scrubbing before cleaning.
Yes. Annual billing attracts discounts. There are also discounts for startups.
Yes. With the NeverBounce Team Accounts, users can add and remove members. The members can share credits, access lists, monitor account, and access apps depending on the permissions granted.
No. NeverBounce is a trusted company that guarantees the security of your data, including the email lists. According to the company's data retention policy, the data is archived for 90 days, but users can delete it at any time.
This email verification software is trusted by over 125,000 companies, including Uber, Dell, Indeed, Yelp, etc.

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