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Product Details

HelloProfit is an Amazon seller tool designed to help the sellers control and manage large amounts of data. By utilizing the tool, the sellers can effortlessly determine the most effective strategy to use to increase their profits. That is made possible by the extensive data analytics features that provide useful insights. HelloProfit has a variety of useful and powerful features, some of which are highlighted below.

Merchant Dashboard
The HelloProfit dashboard is quite comprehensive, allowing a merchant to view sales data effectively. Data management for gross sales, margin percentages, and return on input is done in daily, weekly, and monthly formats, which helps to provide better analysis. Having all the data available in one place also makes it easy to identify what has an impact on profits.

Product Dashboard
The product dashboard displays the aggregated statistics of your products and of those of any category or product group that you may define. It can help you to assess the growth of your products. It also allows you to identify any outliers that may need attention. You can hide some of the data that may not be relevant to you, allowing you to focus only on what matters the most. It also has an interesting feature, which compares your discounted and full-priced sales. That helps you realize the effectiveness of your promotions.

PPC Manager
HelloProfit has a built-in PPC manager, which allows you to analyze all aspects of your PPC campaigns to the granular level. The tool uses a novel algorithm to calculate the PPC campaigns’ profitability. According to the company, the algorithm is a lot more advanced compared to the ACoS of Amazon. The data is presented in customizable graphs, which can give a clear indication of progress over time. You also have the option of using preset ads and campaigns to optimize your campaigns fast.

Payout Reporting
Payout reporting is a lot more useful than what many sellers realize. The HelloProfit payout reporting section offers a complete and itemized breakdown of all your Amazon finances, which you can go through at a glance. The display includes income, expenses, profits, units, margins, and ROI. It is a convenient way to check everything and apply changes or optimizations that may be needed.

Instant Notifications
HelloProfit provides instant notifications, for which you can set the parameters as you wish. HelloProfit can notify you when your sales volume changes drastically, you gain or lose the Buy Box, your products are struggling to sell, or when your stock is getting too low. The notification feature comes up quite handy if you are the forgetful type or are usually too busy focusing on other things.

Customers and Orders
The customers and orders section is ideally a CRM for Amazon. It provides fast and convenient access to past and current orders, refunded orders, order history, and many more. A quick smart search is also available, which makes finding anything easy. You can also leave some notes on the pages of customers to help you remember things such as reasons for a refund.

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HelloProfit Pricing Overview

HelloProfit's pricing structure is quite elaborate. You are required to pay $97 per month to access all the features offered. It also comes with a 21-day trial period, which is a reasonable amount of time for any Amazon seller looking to try out the tool before buying a subscription. Each account is meant for single merchant use. And users are allowed to cancel their subscription at any time.

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HelloProfit Reviews

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Overall 4.4/5
Ease of Use 4.5/5
Customer Service 4.5/5
Yahya B.
Used the software for: 6-12 months

Likelihood to Recommend

August 3, 2020

Overall Rating 4/5
Ease of Use 5/5
Customer Service 5/5
Features 5/5
Value for Money 5/5
“Security is a Top Priority Since Then”

Searching for Amazon tools for your business? Good news! There’s a wide variety of options to weigh in mind. But be wary! Some are unreliable, while others are trusted. Now, where does HelloProfit belong? Well, it is a credible and reputable option for everyone. When I have heard about HelloProfit, I was holding back because of security issues associated with other platforms. But my friends said it’s a good investment. So, I gave it a shot. Using the application for months now, HelloProfit exceeded my requirements and expectations. In terms of security and privacy, HelloProfit is outstanding. Since its establishment, confidentiality has been a top priority for the company. They never disclose any personal detail to third parties without your consent. So, you can be sure that your information is safe. Also, they treat every data confidential.


Over the years, a high level of security has been associated with the name of HelloProfit. Other than that, there are many features to expect along the way.
Just like the other platforms, HelloProfit comes with a free trial, which lasts within 21 days. This period is quite long, which helps you determine whether or not the platform is a worthwhile investment.
When the free trial ends, I upgraded to one of its packages. What I like the most is the plan that costs $97 per month.
Excellent customer support has also been linked to HelloProfit’s name. When I find something confusing, I just open my laptop, connect to the internet, open Google, go to its website, and look for the FAQ section.
It composes different questions with answers. But sometimes I could not find what I need. Don’t worry! I simply contact customer support. The team members are responsive, experienced, and professional.


Some clients say the pricing plans are expensive based on HelloProfit review. But for me, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that I could calculate profit on Amazon and automate other business transactions effectively.

Kent S.

Used the software for: 6-12 months

Likelihood to Recommend

July 27, 2020

Overall Rating 4/5
Ease of Use 4/5
Customer Service 4/5
Features 4/5
Value for Money 4/5
“Easy Data Management and Control”

Controlling and managing a massive amount of data on Amazon can be an overwhelming experience. Luckily, I’ve found a quality and proven platform like HelloProfit. Created with merchants’ convenience in mind, HelloProfit can control or even manage a variety of information with accuracy and less human error. As an Amazon seller, it is tricky to identify the best method for increasing a good return on investment for my business. HelloProfit, get it done as fast as possible. If you have tried different approaches to increase sales and profits without a good result, HelloProfit will be a lasting and perfect investment I would recommend.


Managing data? Increasing ROI? Name it! HelloProfit is designed to enhance profit calculations and data management. As the name indicates, it is a go-to option for small, mid-sized, or large businesses that want to increase sales as we could use historical analysis for making essential and big business decisions.
Aside from that, HelloProfit allows different merchants to compare data and product groups with optimal comfort. With the user-friendly dashboards, we can access every option effectively.
How about sales, promotions, and payouts? Well, the platform keeps us well-informed, making the operations swift, risk-free, and seamless.
According to HelloProfit review, the application is affordable and perfect for those who are on a tight budget. Whether you have been using an expensive and inefficient platform for months now, HelloProfit is a flexible and complete package you deserve in the first place.
It is competitively priced and won’t break your bank. More than the price, I love how it saves my time for crunching numbers and spreadsheet editing.
But wait, there’s more! HelloProfit is intuitive, simple to use, and powerful.


I didn’t find any drawback when using HelloProfit. For me, it is a feature-packed, long-lasting, experts-recommended, and tested platform for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

HelloProfit can offer quite a lot to both new and experienced sellers. If you are a new seller, HelloProfit will help you add products and work through the corresponding keywords, costs, and details to see to it that your business grows. It will also offer all the relevant information needed for you to make various decisions. For an experienced seller, granular optimization of SKUs and analytics are among the features that HelloProfit can help.
Confidentiality is something critical for Amazon sellers, something that HelloProfit provides. It is built in an environment that is secured by an SSL to ensure your data remains safe at all times. You even have to grant permission to customer service before they can log in to assist you.
No, sellers can add their additional Seller Central accounts to their main HelloProfit subscription. The subscription rate for that is reduced to $29 for each account per month. It takes only a few clicks to switch between the different accounts.
It is possible to import older data. However, you have to upgrade to full membership after the free trial to be able to do so. You can import sales data for up to the past two years.

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