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Product Details

E-goi is a marketing automation tool designed to help businesses capture, communicate, analyze, automate, and generate more sales. It integrates email, web, mobile, and social media marketing campaigns into one online system to make them more effective. That helps to make it a lot easier to grow leads and possibly automate the entire customer life cycle.

E-goi is also known for how effective it is when it comes to message delivery. Newsletters can be authenticated as regards anti-spam regulations and sent securely to ensure that they reach the intended inboxes.

Other top E-goi features include pre-built templates, transactional emails, landing pages, extensive customization, and logging, among many others. It also comes with 24/7 customer support for all time zones.

Contact Details

  1. E-goi
  2. Founded in 2003
  4. Located in Brazil

E-goi Pricing Overview

The subscription plans are suitable for a business that sends frequent emails or web push submissions. The cheapest subscription plan goes for $22.50 per month. There is also the option for pay-as-you-go, which comes in handy for any business that does not want obligations. All payments come with a 30 days refund guarantee.

Starting Price
$22.50/month Monthly price is based on number of subscribers in account
Free Trial
  • No
  • Android
  • Cloud
  • Installed – Mac
  • Installed – Windows
  • iPhone / iPad
  • SaaS
  • Web-Based
  • Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
  • Documentation
  • In Person
  • Live Online
  • Webinars
  • 24/7 support
  • Chat support
  • Email support
  • Phone support

E-goi Features

  • A/B Testing
  • API
  • Autoresponders
  • CAN SPAM Compliance
  • Campaign reports
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Click maps
  • Custom HTML editor
  • Dedicated IP
  • Drag & drop editor
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Embedded signup forms
  • Image Library
  • Landing pages
  • Marketing Automation
  • Newsletter templates
  • Personalization
  • RSS campaigns
  • Segmentation
  • SMS Marketing

E-goi Reviews

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Overall 4.5/5
Ease of Use 4.5/5
Customer Service 4.5/5
Isaias V.

Used the software for: 6-12 months

Likelihood to Recommend

August 5, 2020

Overall Rating 4/5
Ease of Use 4/5
Customer Service 4/5
Features 4/5
Value for Money 4/5
“Customizable and Easy to Edit Forms, Templates, and Newsletter”

I really like the drag and drop feature at E-goi. Similar to other email marketing platforms, E-goi’s drag and drop feature lets me edit and even customize forms and templates. I can develop campaigns that are relevant to my company’s short and long-term objectives. I can create emails that respond to my target market’s problems and expectations, too. Email customization is crucial to business and marketing success. The drag and drop feature of E-goi always exceeds my needs. From the layout, tone, colors to other important variables, I can develop stunning or aesthetically nice emails. If you manually customize your emails, level up your experience with E-goi. The platform is not only effective but also the go-to option for businesses of any size and niche.


Aside from the drag and drop feature, E-goi provides superior deliverability. After email creation and development, this platform can send your campaign to your subscribers within a minute or two. Yes, the process is quick, easy, and convenient.
Both the subscriber and campaign management are effortless as well. If managing your email marketing efforts and subscribers is not your expertise, E-goi can handle the job for you. It manages the number of your subscribers and emails, too.
Instead of handling the process on your own, you can focus on other important business aspects. You can accommodate your clients with a quick response time. You can develop your products and services according to the changing market demands and needs. That’s not all! You can find new investors to acquire enough working capital.
• E-goi also comes with multiple combined channels. This is perfect for those who want to build brand awareness, create an online presence, and achieve a high ROI. From emails, SMS to other means of communication, E-goi has them all.
In case you’re using a tool with a limited channel, there’s a more excellent alternative you should try. E-goi, for example, should be on top of your priority.
Also, there are unlimited autoresponders for all your campaigns. These autoresponders will help you build relationships with every web visitor, remind parties of your content, survey potential clients, follow up with the prospective customer, duplicate your efforts, generate more sales, and obtain measurable information.


E-goi, just like the other email marketing platforms out there, upgrades. So, new customers may find the new version of the platform difficult to use. Don’t worry! The company develops and provides video tutorials you can use all throughout the process.

Eric B.

Used the software for: Less than 6 months

Likelihood to Recommend

August 3, 2020

Overall Rating 5/5
Ease of Use 5/5
Customer Service 5/5
Features 5/5
Value for Money 5/5
“Great Video Tutorials for New and Experienced Clients”

When I used E-goi for the first time, I found it hard to utilize. Luckily, the company comes with live hangouts teaching and tutorials for beginners like me. All of my questions were accommodated properly. My concerns were also answered according to my unique expectations. It’s all right to feel hesitant whether or not E-goi is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The company offers comprehensive, engaging, and interactive tutorials you shouldn’t miss. Whether you encounter some trouble in automating or creating emails, the platform got you covered. Plus, it won’t leave you behind whatever happens. Aside from video tutorials, I’d highly commend the efforts of its team members. Every staff is professional, experienced, well-trained, certified, and qualified. They are friendly, approachable, and easy to work with. They are accommodating with a goal to provide answers to the client’s queries and difficulties. If you are a bit disappointed with the customer support of your existing email marketing platform, E-goi will give you a different experience. The customer service is superb and incredible. The representatives never disappoint me from start to finish.


More than excellent customer support, E-goi offers unlimited autoresponders. Whether you’re eager to turn visitors to potential customers or want to increase a great web traffic, this email marketing platform is a complete and flexible package. Aside from internet visibility and client conversion, E-goi can help increase the number of your subscribers, sales, and return on investment.
Another thing you would love about E-goi is the unlimited segmenting. Email offers many possibilities to marketers. But when not done right, businesses won’t be able to turn their goals into a reality. The trick here is customer segmentation. If you are a new marketer, segmentation is critical to email marketing. Since you are a starter, expect some troubles ahead. This is where E-goi can come into play. It is available with unlimited segmenting that can make your first email marketing campaign successful. Plus, it would be easy to slice or dice your database according to your preferences. For those who have tried segmenting their subscribers on their email list without a good result, E-goi won’t be a disappointment.


One of the drawbacks I want the company to resolve is the constant changes in the layout. While it can be an advantage for existing users, new clients will have a hard time adjusting.

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