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Product Details

CleverReach is one of the most popular email marketing tools and is trusted by more than 220,000 customers from all around the world. It mostly covers the European market but is rapidly expanding to conquer the English-speaking market as well.

What contributes the most to making CleverReach a successful newsletter software program is the variety of features that it has. Such features include A/B split testing, RSS campaigns, dynamic content blocks, and detailed analysis and reports.

CleverReach has a user-friendly interface, which makes it a great email marketing tool even for newbie marketers. The numerous automation possibilities also come in handy to help save time and effort. The intuitive interface is aesthetically appealing with its modern appearance

Contact Details

  1. CleverReach
  2. Founded in 2007
  4. Located in Germany

CleverReach Pricing Overview

CleverReach offers four different paid plans. Frequent senders can choose Flat Rate that starts from €15 per month or High Volume that starts from €495 per month. Occasional senders can opt for Prepaid at €41.95 per fixed quota or Monthly Prepaid at €25.95. The free trial is called Lite Plan, which comes with limited features.

Starting Price
€15.00/month Monthly price is based on number of subscribers in account
Free Trial
  • No
  • Android
  • Cloud
  • Installed – Mac
  • Installed – Windows
  • iPhone / iPad
  • SaaS
  • Web-Based
  • Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
  • Documentation
  • In Person
  • Live Online
  • Webinars
  • 24/7 support
  • Chat support
  • Email support
  • Phone support

CleverReach Features

  • A/B Testing
  • API
  • Autoresponders
  • CAN SPAM Compliance
  • Campaign reports
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Click maps
  • Custom HTML editor
  • Dedicated IP
  • Drag & drop editor
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Embedded signup forms
  • Image Library
  • Landing pages
  • Marketing Automation
  • Newsletter templates
  • Personalization
  • RSS campaigns
  • Segmentation
  • SMS Marketing

CleverReach Reviews

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Overall 4.2/5
Ease of Use 4.0/5
Customer Service 4.5/5
Wilma F.

Used the software for: 6-12 months

Likelihood to Recommend

August 3, 2020

Overall Rating 4/5
Ease of Use 3/5
Customer Service 5/5
Features 4/5
Value for Money 5/5
“CleverReach Review - Free Setup Fee”

Email marketing platform is not new for me because of a negative experience in the past. With my previous advertising package, there were setup fees. It was expensive. So, I look for a more affordable and higher quality alternative. Then, I found CleverReach. I enjoy its excellent features while avoiding an extra setup fee. Yes, there are no further obligations. Another thing I enjoy about the solution is the variety of subscription packages. These include the Lite, Flat Rate, High Volume, Prepaid, and Monthly Prepaid. The Lite is a free trial. Even if it’s free, you can acquire at least 250 subscribers and send a maximum of 1000 emails ever month. For the Flat Rate, you can increase your subscribers up to 100,000 and send an unlimited number of emails. For the High Volume, the subscribers are unlimited. The emails are no exception. For further details, please feel free to contact the CleverReach team.


No setup fees? A variety of pricing packages? CleverReach has them all. More than that, the platform provides other features that best match with your unique requirements and high objectives. The data security, for example, is superb. Its server locations are based in some European Union countries. For that reason, your personal details will be treated confidentially. Also, the company won’t disclose your information to any third party without your consent. According to CleverReach’s review, the platform is also available with a Secure Socket Layer. What is it really? How does it work? Well, it makes different operations safe and secure.
When sending emails, you will be using the SSL encoding. Your forms will also be protected with this feature. The tracking of links is no exception. Therefore, all your transactions and email advertising with CleverReach will be stress-free, seamless, and convenient at all times.
Let’s say your target customers are Europe-based. This means you have to comply with the GDPR. CleverReach, on the other hand, is a different case. Since it is a German-based company, it has a natural advantage of the GDPR. As a result, all of your email marketing efforts will stay compliant with the existing rules and regulations. What else? You will also create data without violating any important laws.


In terms of the price, I found it cheap. Other clients, however, complain about the cost. Well, the immediate results and incredible features make the platform a worthwhile investment one can ever have.
Also, the forms are not responsive. If you experience the same thing, please feel free to contact the company. The team members are just a call away!

Bernardo B.
CEO, Bernardo marketing
Used the software for: 2+ years

Likelihood to Recommend

July 15, 2020

Overall Rating 4/5
Ease of Use 5/5
Customer Service 4/5
Features 4/5
Value for Money 4/5
“Experienced Email Marketing Provider ”

was a bit skeptical about whether or not to use a platform for my email marketing needs. When I’ve done my research on the best email advertising solution, I have found that most options were new. So, I asked my colleagues and friends for referrals. Luckily, they recommended CleverReach. At first, I was not confident about the option because of my experience. But when I searched online to check for positive reviews, I have learned that CleverReach has been around for many years. Founded in 2007, the company has been committed to providing the most individualized and highest quality of services. It has also been trusted for its dedication to excellence, transparency, innovation, professionalism, and high work ethics.


More than a decade of experience in the industry, CleverReach offers other possibilities to its valued clients. From the advanced technology, a wide variety of interfaces, CRM to shop systems, it has them all.
Perhaps, you feel afraid of using an email marketing platform because of the ease of use. Good news! According to most CleverReach reviews, this email marketing solution is simple and fun to utilize.
Whether you have a prior experience of are less tech-savvy, this platform got your back. The company has also been striving hard to level up the convenience of its solution. So let’s hope for the best.
Aside from that, CleverReach allows a good deal of reporting. If you encounter some trouble getting this job done, CleverReach will give you a different experience. It is indeed a flexible and complete email marketing package you should have this 2020 and beyond.
Similar to other solutions in today’s market, CleverReach is available in different packages. Before you pay for a subscription plan, try the Lite plan as early as now. That’s not all! The platform comes with data importation and customizable templates. Yes, you read it right! You can import your information and customize available templates according to the unique needs and requirements of your business.
Another thing that I love about CleverReach is that there is no setup fee. Yes, it is not only of good quality but also affordable. It won’t break your bank. In fact, you can expect huge savings at the end of the day.


What I don’t like about CleverReach is the unresponsive formulary. But it is not a big deal for me. With the features and pros of the solution, I can highly recommend it to my friends, family, relatives, and colleagues too.

Frequently Asked Questions

This email marketing software can be deployed to build email lists, design and send compelling email marketing campaigns, and automate marketing workflows. It also offers whitelisting, quality, and spam tests.
There are four paid plans starting at $16.70 a month, as well as a free trial and a free plan.
With the CleverReach free plan, users can enjoy most of the features, but they are limited to 250 contacts, 1000 emails per month, and a single list and account.
This is called soft bounce and is something common with email marketing. What this means is that the particular campaign couldn't be delivered, but you can still send emails to the address in future campaigns.
Yes. To deactivate the CleverReach logo, you will need a paid plan. The option is available in the settings section of forms.
Yes. This email marketing software works with eCommerce software such as Magento, OpenCart, Rakuten, osCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify. It also syncs with CMS and CRM software.

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