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Product Details

AssureSign is a starting way of e-signs to develop a business from commercial comfort to a basic need. AssureSign has a vast experience of hundreds of people executing the power of digital signature. Many local and government companies are combined with AssureSign for e-signing their documents.

This software provides a high quality of support and solutions for your business and your clients. Also, it gives various options for signing the documents to customers as they want. These options may consist of text, audio, personal, or distantly.

Let’s go through the functions of different solutions provided by AssureSign to their clients through which they can sign their documents digitally.


Many people do not use email address regularly. For such kind of people, AssureSign introduces the feature of sharing a document through SMS. Also, for someone who mostly regulates their business through a mobile device, AssureSign has made it easier to share and sign the documents.

This software can work through any mobile device. SMS can be sent through software to a mobile device, and a user can operate through the same text and e-sign the document through any device.

Sign the Document Anywhere

You must be traveling or must be equipped in any other schedule for the whole day; it must have made it difficult for you many times to sign the documents on time. AssureSign gives you a solution for this issue by allowing you to receive documents through email on any device.

After receiving the document through email, it will become easy for you to sign the documents from anywhere. You need to have access to e-sign the documents on your device.

Digital Payment Solution

Earlier, the transaction of fees was very difficult for companies as well as for clients. Through AssureSign, you get the well-organized digital way of transaction that is done with a single click or personally in electronic form.

After the transaction has been done, AssureSign provides the receipt immediately to your customer. Also, it ensures that the documents that are created and shared are signed in a short time.

A personal way of Transaction and E-signature

Most of the customers do not believe in paperwork for credit card transactions these days. AssureSign is making it easier by providing the option of electronic transactions.

E-Sign in person requires the digital signature pads to complete any transaction and legal contracts. It works on your desktop browser on any other device that contains a signing pad device.

E-Sign through Audio

Mobile devices have already made our lives easier in many ways. E-sign through audio allows your customer to confirm, approve, and sign the documents that are based on your products and services through their voice.

Many telephonic companies and mobile devices entertain verbal signatures. They have made this method as one of the most trusted ways for your clients to confirm and e-sign the documents.

Contact Details

  1. AssureSign
  2. Founded in 1999
  4. Located in United States

AssureSign Pricing Overview

AssureSign doesn’t offer a free plan. However, you can always request a free trial by filing an online form. Also, you can customize yourself a method according to your requirements by calling their executive.

AssureSign has the following pricing plans:

Business: The business will cost you $2000 per month when billed annually.

Professional: The professional plan is priced at $4,000 per year.

Enterprise: In an enterprise plan, you can get a pack customized according to your needs and requirements. This plan has various features that you won’t get in both the above plans, including international cloud storage, two-factor authentication, and single sign-on.

Starting Price
Free Trial
  • Android
  • Cloud
  • Installed – Mac
  • Installed – Windows
  • iPhone / iPad
  • SaaS
  • Web-Based
  • Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
  • Documentation
  • In Person
  • Live Online
  • Webinars
  • 24/7 support
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  • Phone support

AssureSign Features

  • Audit Trail
  • Authentication
  • Auto Reminders
  • Customizable Templates
  • Document Analytics
  • Mobile Signature
  • Multi-Party Signing
  • Task Progress Tracking
  • Buy Side (Suppliers)
  • Completion Tracking
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Electronic Signature
  • Full Text Search
  • Government Contracts
  • Pre-built Templates
  • Sell Side (Customers)
  • Specialty Contracts
  • Version Control
  • Workflow Management

Frequently Asked Questions

One may use the simple setup tool provided by AssureSign, upload the document they want to get signed, provide the information of the clients to software and share the document through email easily.
You need to create an account on AssureSign software first. To get a product announcement through email, you must go to the announcements section and select to follow the announcements. Also, choose the notifications about what you want to know.
To export the report through software, you need to login to your account and go to the reports of your work done with software. Search the document, select the date of creation, and also select the option of export.