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AMZTracker comprises of a set of tools for Amazon merchants, which helps them in a range of tasks such as competitor analysis, strategy tips, and keyword research, among many others. These tools enhance product promotions and management of conversions. AMZTracker features aren’t as many as you might expect. However, the ones offered are equal to the task of helping Amazon sellers make profits. Here are a number of top AMZTracker’s features.

Keyword Tracking
The purpose and importance of keyword tracking are things that most Amazon sellers appreciate. AMZTracker makes use of clean and easy to understand graphs to display the changes in product ranks for different keywords over time. The tool alerts you whenever a competitor makes any significant change that leads to an increase in their ranks. You can then learn a lot from that, and perhaps even implement the same move.

Listing Optimization On-Page Tool
This tool is specifically designed to help marketers get their products to the first page of search results, thereby boosting your visibility. With that, your overall conversion rate increases significantly. At times, the changes you make thanks to the tool might seem subtle, but they do contribute a lot to improving conversion rates over time.

Email Reports
AMZTracker offers an email reports feature that allows you as a seller to receive email updates of your product rankings for specified keywords. That helps to remove the inconvenience of logging in daily to check all products to see their ranking performance. All you need to do is choose the products and the keywords you want, and the reports to be sent to your email address. The email sent includes a CSV file, which allows you to import the sent data to a spreadsheet.

Competitor Sales Tracking
Using the competitor sales tracking feature, you can determine your monthly and daily sales numbers for any particular product. The competitor’s inventory changes are what the feature translates into sales tracking. It tells you the number of units your competitor is moving, thus ensuring that you do not have to work with broad estimates.

Find New Keywords
When customers type in search keywords on Amazon, the search bar usually offers to complete the search words automatically. The suggested keywords are usually commonly used phrases. The AMZTracker tool called Find New Keywords can give you a list of phrases and words obtained from Amazon’s autosuggestion list. That ensures that you optimize for the most likely keywords that your customer will use in their search.

Deepwords is also a keyword suggestion tool. The difference between it and the Find New Keywords is that it offers the related category and estimated search volume. The results appear as if the words have been pulled from Google as opposed to Amazon. It is a lot more useful when it comes to getting an idea of the popularity of a search term.

Super URLs
This a pioneering feature of AMZTracker. It is based on the fact that whenever a keyword is searched on amazon, the keyword is included in the URL alongside other data. AMZTracker Super URLs takes advantage of that.

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AMZTracker Pricing Overview

AMZTracker allows you to pay for monthly or yearly subscriptions. There are four different plans that you can choose depending on the number of features and the extent of them that you wish to access. The most expensive plan is the Legend, which costs $400 per month. God Mode, on the other hand, is the most popular, costing $200 per month. The Professional plan costs $100, and the Basic plan, which is the cheapest, costs $50 per month. AMZTracke also offers a 7-day free trial period for first-time users.

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AMZTracker Reviews

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Overall 4.2/5
Ease of Use 4.0/5
Customer Service 4.0/5
Bernardo B.
CEO, Bernardo marketing
Used the software for: Less than 6 months

Likelihood to Recommend

July 15, 2020

Overall Rating 4/5
Ease of Use 4/5
Customer Service 4/5
Features 5/5
Value for Money 4/5
“AMZ Tracker Review”

Overall, I find AMZ Tracker good. It works and functions well as how I would want it. I usually would use the AMZ Tracker to track the ongoing trends in order to find new services and products that could actually sell. I would say that AMZ is doing alright with serving this purpose. It was easy to track the trends, and I have been selling great, profit has been good, and there is sales increase thanks to the help given by the AMZ Tracker. This helped me a lot, and I have been using it for quite some time now for tracking trends. So far, this is one of the best trackers I have found in the market.


I personally have loved how this tracker is made for those who are sellers on Amazon. With this tracker, I know which actually sells and which will be beneficial for the brands and products that I sell. I find myself lucky that I have found this tracker, which has largely helped me in selling and doing business smoothly. So far, with AMZ, I have found it easier as a seller to keep track and know product ups and downs.
-I feel as though I can see so much with the help of this tracker. Moreover, I would know which products sell so much better. What's additionally great is the fact that it is easier to use and navigate. Plus pros of this tracker are also the fact that I can make use of the same keywords on all the other sites where I sell. This is a huge factor since it makes the process faster and much more convenient than inputting multiple keywords on different sites.


Same as using Amazon as a seller, it is also a con at times too. The problem is that it works too well only on Amazon but not anywhere else. I think that this tracker was personally designed for the benefit of Amazon sellers. It isn't just great that I have to find other trackers that could work well with the other sites I sell on. AMZ should have been made in order to be used on other sites as well and wouldn't just work well for Amazon. It isn't convenient and not quite reliable.
-Since I couldn't get the AMZ Tracker to work well on other sites I sell on. I just had to look for other software that would help me keep track of the other sites I sell on. Not only is this not convenient, but it is extremely troublesome and time-consuming. It wasn't at all helpful when it came to doing the tracking for the other sites. AMZ should take note of this problem and resolve it fast for them to be a well-functioning tracker software not just for one site but for many. Just as it works well with Amazon, so shall it be for others. That's the way it should be.

Frequently Asked Questions

The keyword rankings are usually updated daily. The frequent updates allow you to take advantage of anything that might occur, such as a sudden trend.
AMZTracker searches for the first 19 Amazon pages only. That is an equivalent of checking only the top 300 products.
There are no specified limits regarding the number of products you can have in your account. However, the subscribed plan can limit the keywords that are associated with the products.
Any user can change or cancel his subscription at any time without much problem. However, a refund will not be offered for such a case unless the subscription is canceled before the trial period expires.
AMZTracker support 11 Amazon marketplaces. Those are Amazon US, UK, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, and Spain.

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