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What is a YouTube Influencer Tool?

YouTube influencer tools are used to help brands connect with influential YouTubers when running marketing campaigns.

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The Best YouTube Influencer Search Tools in 2020

If your job requires you to engage with YouTube influencers, then you really must have tools available to you that allow you to track them down and work with them.

Why Use YouTube Influencer Marketing?

Marketers have undoubtedly long understood that the most effective way of telling people about their products, is to have individuals, who many members of the public trust, discuss them. In the old days, this would generally involve paying a celebrity a very large amount of money to endorse the product. This was an expensive way of doing things and meant that the world of influencer marketing and product recommendations more generally was limited to a very small number of companies who had products deep enough to afford this type of promotion.

This situation has changed entirely with the advent of social media; these platforms mean that there is now a far larger number of people who have the public following that is required to be described as an influencer. These people may work in particular small niches and will have a loyal audience that is especially interested in certain types of products and services. This means that the world of influencer marketing has finally opened up to smaller companies who would previously not have had the budget required to work in the space. The biggest problems that these businesses tend to have is identifying and tracking down an influencer who has a following that will truly be interested in what they have to offer. The influencers themselves don’t make this very easy. Getting in touch with the major ones can be very difficult, and many of the influencers with the largest followings now have rate cards. This could easily be compared to what celebrities were able to charge before the advent of social media, since influencers are, in many ways, the celebrities of the 21st century.

Why Use YouTube Influencer Marketing?

To put it simply, people are tired of traditional forms of advertising and many individuals, especially younger consumers, have learned to tune out from the constant wall of noise which traditional advertising methods can often represent. This has left major media companies and other makers of products and services with a serious dilemma. They know that there is a large market out there that would be interested in what they do, if only they had a tested and reliable way of telling them about it. This is where YouTube influencer marketing tools come in. They allow marketers to sift through the large and at times, confusing world of YouTube influencers and select a trusted internet face who will really inject some value into their campaign. While many of these tools were somewhat clunky and difficult to use in their infancy, they have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. This means that there is now a fairly significant market of YouTube influencer tools and that it can be difficult for newcomers to the world to choose between them. There are a number of features that need to be considered and also details such as the way the pricing model works, which can significantly affect how much it costs to use a particular tool. Finally, all of these tools use algorithms and other pieces of computer technology to decide whether one influencer is more valuable than another and how good these algorithms are at something is generally open to debate. This is why it is very important to understand how YouTube influencer tools work and what they are actually telling you before you choose to spend any money on one. In this article, we will explain everything that a newcomer to the world of influencer marketing needs to know, to compare one of these tools against another, and make a really informed decision about which YouTube influencer search tool is right for them and their particular marketing campaign.

How to Choose the Best YouTube Influencers Search Tool?

The first thing that you will want to consider is whether the tool that you are looking at meets the needs of your particular campaign. For instance, if you are running a small campaign that only has a limited budget, it is very important to ensure that the tool allows you to search for micro-influencers with a small but loyal audience who will actually be within the budgetary reach of your campaign. Similarly, if you need to reach people who are only interested in a particular topic, then it is important that there is a large selection of filters for you to choose between when it comes to the topic of a particular channel. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the tool that you are considering, to check that the niche you are working within is actually covered before you start using the service and especially before you decide to hand over any money. Any good service will be happy to work with you and ensure that you fully understand what they are offering before they actually expect you to start spending any money with them.

The next thing to check is how large the database that they run is. As we have already mentioned, there are billions of YouTube accounts out there, meaning that there are millions, or at least hundreds of thousands, of accounts which could be considered to be influencers in some shape or form. A good tool will take all the small niches into account when building their database.

The next thing to consider is how regularly the database is updated. Speed is absolutely of the essence in the world of social media influencer marketing and even a delay of a few weeks could make the difference between discovering an influencer who is very powerful in their niche and can make a real difference to the success of your product or service, and someone who is over the hill and whose YouTube influence is on the wane. An up-to-date database is your best hope of avoiding this type of problem. If the database is out of date, you risk spending a lot of your time dealing with people who are not actually able to deliver the type of campaign that you are interested in. In the worst-case scenario, you may actually hand over money to an influencer who the database told you was good but is not actually capable of doing what you need them to.

Next, make sure that the tool covers influencers in the country or territory that you are interested in. The country that an influencer is based in is not a 100% reliable guide to where their followers are located. This applies especially to YouTubers who work in a language that is spoken in several countries such as English, Spanish or Malay. A good tool will be able to give you a detailed breakdown of the geographical distribution of the followers of a particular YouTube account. If all that it is able to do is tell you the country that the YouTube account is based in, then you will need to do a significant amount of more research on your own before reaching out to the account to start the campaign.

Next, check the tool is able to give you historical information about how the account has performed in the past. While past performance can never be 100% indicative of future results, it can give influencer marketers a good idea of the type of trajectory that an account is on and whether they may be able to get a bargain with an account that is set to go through some explosive growth in the future. On the other hand, choosing a tool where growth is slow or which is at risk of going into decline could mean that you end up wasting a lot of money on a campaign that does not end up bringing you the results you are looking for. For this reason, it is well worth checking growth rates on cumulative statistics such as subscribers and the total number of comments, to ensure that you are not running the risk of spending a lot of money on a campaign that will only run on a channel that was big last year.

Types of YouTube Influencer Campaigns

Before we explore the types of campaigns that are available, we should note that it’s always best for you to be open with the audience about the fact that you are sponsoring a particular YouTuber to mention your product or service. YouTube users are savvy, and the world of influencer marketing is not new to them. If you try and hide the details of the sponsorship and the channel’s audience later finds out that they have been paid to endorse a particular product or service, this can be very bad for the channel and the reputation of your brand. By being open about the arrangement, you will avoid running this risk and even have the additional opportunity to pick up new customers by running special promotions in collaboration with the channel that you have chosen to work with, such as a discount on your product or service for channel viewers.

That said, here are a few of the types of videos that will be on offer to you when you work with a major YouTuber. Make sure that you have watched several examples of each type of video before you decide which campaign is right for you as they are all quite different from one another.

  • Unboxing video: This will only work if the process of receiving your product is exciting to the audience. It can work particularly well if the packaging of your product is interesting or if there is extra stuff included which is unexpected or notable. Again, please make sure that the experience the YouTube influencer will have when they are unboxing the product mirrors the experience of your regular customers as closely as possible. Channel subscribers will quickly notice and flag it up if the actual product unboxing experience does not live up to the expectations that were set in the video, and they won’t be happy about it!
  • Haul videos: These tend to work well if the product is moderately priced and sits within a range of several other products. The YouTuber that you are working with will show off a number of products which they have recently acquired in a haul or a shopping spree and will then go on to tell their audience what they think of each of the products. Be aware that each YouTube influencer who you talk to you will have a different policy on how much you can control what they say about your product. In general, the more popular and better established the YouTuber in question is, the more control they will expect to have over what you see in the video. Even if you do have the opportunity to shape what they say a little, try to leave as much of the script as possible open to them to ensure what they say at least sounds natural. Corporate slogans do not work in this type of environment, and even if the viewers are subconsciously aware that YouTubers are being paid to talk about a particular product, they generally do not like to be reminded of this fact.
  • How to videos: These are particularly popular in the makeup industry. The YouTuber will show their audience how to achieve a particular look using a specified make up product. These videos are also common among food YouTubers, who will cook a particular recipe and show their audience how to get the most out of a particular food or drink.

A slightly different, and longer form, of how-to video, is common among tech YouTubers. This will involve explaining how to set up a technical product such as a television, computer or smartphone and how to get the most out of it. These videos often take somewhat longer to put together than their counterparts in the food space as they are more complicated to plan and film, so make sure that you start reaching out to YouTube influencers in this space in plenty of time to get your campaign put together.

  • Vlogs: These are the most personal types of YouTube videos and generally the type which the advertiser will have the least amount of control over. This will involve the influencer that you are working with talking about their life on a day to day basis and the products and services that they are using. An example of a category of YouTuber where influencer marketers can have some success in this format is parenting. A parent will use a product or service that has been given to them as part of an influencer marketing campaign over a number of weeks and months and then give their opinion on the product or service to their audience over a series of vlogs. Don’t expect to have much control over what they say, the review will be genuine; what you are paying for is the ability to get your stuff in front of the audience. For this reason, it’s very important to make sure that you have done everything possible to ensure that the YouTuber you are working with has a good experience before you start the campaign. Any mistakes that you make could be very costly and take a very long time to fix.

How to Select Your YouTube Influencer

Once you have chosen the YouTube influencer search tool that is right for you, there are a few things that you will need to know about in order to use it to find the correct influencer for your campaign. These are factors which are common parlance among people that are familiar with the world of online social media marketing but which may be confusing to those who have only just started working in the space. The main things that you will need to think about when selecting your influencer are:

  • Reach: How many people can the influencer reach in any given week or month. The influencer search tool will give you a number for this, and there are a number of ways of thinking about it. The subscriber count is generally the easiest place to start looking as this is a metric that is directly comparable between one channel and another. Once you have identified a few channels that have the level of subscriber numbers that you are comfortable with, the next thing to look at is video viewership. This is slightly harder to compare as channels that upload videos on a very regular basis will generally have lower individual viewer counts for each video. Next, check how much interaction there is with each individual video in the forms of YouTube comments and interaction with the influencer on their other social media accounts.
  • Audience: Audience numbers aren’t the only thing that is important. You will also want to make sure that you think about who exactly is in that audience. A giant audience is no help if it is full of people who would never find themselves in the market for your product or service. Huge audiences also tend to be a little more transient than a small audience who will generally have a real relationship with the YouTube influencer who lies behind the account. Larger influencers will have media packs that dive into the profile of their audience, and if you can get your hands on one of these before signing a deal, it’s a good way of checking whether you will be talking to the right kind of people when you start running your YouTube influencer campaign.
  • Engagement: Make sure that you understand whether people are watching the videos that the YouTuber added when you are considering uploads to the website. The subscriber count isn’t everything, and some influencers have been caught buying subscribers to inflate their numbers and charge more to potential influencer campaigners. Taking a close look at the videos which they have uploaded and the way that people interact with them may be somewhat time-consuming, but it’s a very good way of ensuring that you are actually getting value for money.
  • Ways of working: Not all YouTube influencers work in the same way. Some will simply drop a mention of your product or service into one of their videos and leave it at that. On the other hand, you will find influencers who offer packages which include mentions of your products and services in several videos and even on external social media platforms. This gives you a far higher chance of reaching the audience and also the endorsement that they are giving you feels genuine, rather than simply shoehorned into one particular video.

YouTube influencer marketing is a very exciting space, and one that offers a huge amount of potential to brands that have previously struggled to reach an audience. They do take some getting used to for advertisers who have not worked in this particular medium before, and the lack of control which exists over the message eventually ends up being put out to the audience can be very scary for some advertisers. Nevertheless, those who are able to effectively harness the world of YouTube influencer marketing have seen some great results. Campaigns take more planning than their traditional counterparts, though, and there is a large number of metrics that need to be considered before the campaign kicks off. Make sure that you take the time that is required to find the right influencer and don’t rush headlong into a campaign before you have thought about all of the elements that we have mentioned above. If you manage to discover the right tool to find a YouTube influencer, your job will be significantly easier. For this reason, as tempting as it may be to dive straight in and start your campaign, we recommend taking a little time to choose the right tool before you start. You won’t regret it!