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Twitter influencer tools are used to drive brand awareness on Twitter using in-depth research and analytics.

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Influencer marketing on Twitter is entirely possible, but it is important to take two factors into consideration. It doesn’t fit all products and it can’t be improvised. Influence marketing, especially on complex platforms like Twitter, needs to be carefully set up. How do you select the right influencers? How do you choose your influencer? How to optimize the results of the campaign? What types of tools can be used? These are all questions that must not only be asked but also clarified before launching the campaign.

Different tools available

The task may be complex, but the contractor is not required to perform it manually. It is easy to imagine how complex it can be to find the right influencers among the millions of Twitter subscribers, analyze their accounts before making his choice. There are several categories of software available on the market.

  • The first ones make it easy to identify the desired influencers. They can analyze the different biographies using a et of keywords provided by the researcher. Sometimes, they go further by studying the interactions that different influencers have with their followers to provide a highly detailed report of each influencer’s activity. The latter is to be preferred.
  • The second category comprises those who are solely responsible for analyzing the accounts. They study the consistency of the tweets of the different influencers, their reactivity and even the activity of their followers. It is mainly about their retweets. This software is very effective in helping the entrepreneur keep a pulse on his campaign after the launch.
  • The third category combines the first two categories. They offer users a complete analysis. This does not mean that they are better than the previous ones. Before opting for an “all-in-one”, it is advisable to test those that offer those that specialize in a single field. It is better to have several powerful software packages than a rough compact.

Who is the right influencer?

Some will answer without hesitation that it is the one that has the maximum number of followers. For others, it will be the one who is really involved in the campaign. On closer inspection, both options are correct. An influencer is someone whose activity influences a group of people. Therefore, the number of subscribers cannot be ignored. Similarly, an influencer with 100M followers who only tweet once a year will be just as useless as one who has no subscribers. The aim is therefore to find a balance between the two.

The first aspect that we should focus on is the activity of the influencer. The more he gets involved, the better. The second important aspect is the activity of his followers. The good influencer is the one who lives at the rhythm of his fans and makes his fans live at his rhythm. Interactions must be quick and interesting. It is even better to see how long it takes for the first comments from fans to appear after each tweet and to count the number of likes and retweets after a period.

Example: Influencer X posts a tweet at 9h 00min 00s. At 9:00:00:10, the first likes appear. One minute later, the tweet in question already has over 200 likes, a few retweets and tweets. After two hours, the number of likes rises to a few thousand or even tens of thousands and the likes are almost as many. At the end of these two hours, the influencer himself has already reacted to at least fifty or even a hundred tweets received.

One will use the same example, but with an influencer Y. He has more followers, but the first reaction to his tweet, sent at the same time as Influencer X’s, only appears after two minutes. After two hours, he has almost as many likes as Influencer X, but relatively few tweets and even fewer retweets. The Influencer himself does not reply to his followers until over ten hours later. He limits himself to sending answers to a maximum of ten followers.

Influencer X has 30,000 subscribers, while Influencer Y has just over a million followers. If the choice has to be made between the two, it is in the entrepreneur’s best interest to choose Influencer X.
This is an example of an active account. When you find an influencer like this, under no circumstances should you lose them.

One or more influencers for a perfect campaign?

It all depends on the budget. If the budget is very limited, it is better to take the time to find the rare pearl, a clone of Influencer X, and limit yourself to him. If the budget is large enough, it is highly recommended to find a maximum of influencers similar to Influencer X. However, to avoid inconsistencies and dissonance during the campaign, the contractor will have to provide the selected influencers with a guideline. There is no question of programming the campaign. It is even strongly discouraged to dictate the law to influencers. Since they know their audience better, they should be allowed to program the campaign on their own account.