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What is SMS Marketing Software?

SMS marketing software enables marketers to build and run campaigns targeting customers on their mobile users.

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by TXT180

TXT180 provides you text message services for marketing that can be used for connecting through SMS messaging. The company was originated in 2010 in the United States for delivering widespread knowledge to you in marketing, technical support, and wireless technology. The company’s goal is to…Read More


Call Loop

by Call Loop

The website lets you do everything refers to text messages, voice mails, and broadcasting in affordable pricing. It’s all in one solution for true results when it gets to market your products using mobile technology. The site provides you with a service to send texts…Read More


Express Text

by Express Text

In the present times, the majority of customers carry mobile phones with them and SMS marketing plays a great role in engaging your audience and serving them the crucial information they want like special offers, career opportunities, after purchase material, service information, cellular recharge information…Read More



by Textlocal

What is Textlocal? The product is an award-winning and famous SMS based mobile marketing and customer engagement software that is used by over 1M customers and is great for getting better returns on your investments. The software functions for all businesses like local grocery shop…Read More


Best SMS Marketing Software

You can’t wait for clients to look for you if you want your business to grow fast. Instead, you will need to be proactive in your approach and look for them. But that does not mean that you should literally go about knocking on the doors of your clients, as that would not be marketing; it would be something else – call it madness, if you like. So, how do you do it? Simply text them. This is known as SMS (short message service) marketing. As more and more people become attached to smartphones and other mobile communication devices, the popularity of SMS marketing surges, which means you will need to do some extra work to handle such a large customer network. With the right SMS marketing software, however, you won’t struggle to reach out to your leads and customers.

SMS Marketing Software Explained

SMS marketing software can be defined as a tool used to send bulky text messages to leads and existing customers for purposes of drawing their attention to some sort of information related to your business. Typically, such messages are permission-based, and they may cover such information as new products, discounts, and new promotions. On top of that, the tool helps you to correctly design text messages and disseminate them at an appropriate time.

SMS software allows you to design and send two types of texts: transactional texts and campaign texts. A transactional text is a one-to-one text which you send as a reaction to some action. For instance, you could send a transactional message to notify your customer that a product they have purchased is being shipped. You can also use a transactional message to confirm an order. A campaign text, on the other hand, is a one-to-many text which is typically meant to notify your customers and leads of promotions. For instance, you could send a campaign message to notify your clients of an upcoming bonus.

How to Choose the Best SMS Marketing Tool

So you have made a decision to leverage the power of SMS marketing software in order to effectively connect with your clients and leads. The next move would be to find the best SMS marketing software. You need a dependable tool that meets your business needs. How easy can you find such software? Well, it can be easy or difficult depending on how you go about it, but with the right tips, there is nothing to fear. And by putting the following tips into consideration, you will end up with one of the best SMS marketing tools in the market.

Personalization and integration: Does the software allow you to add the recipient’s name to the message? Text messages with a personal touch tend to be more effective than those messages without. You also want your SMS marketing software to integrate seamlessly with other systems, including your customer relations management.

Contact segmentation: If anyone tells you that there is one text which can fit all, then they are probably not being honest or they simply don’t know what they are saying. Buyers differ in various different aspects, including location, gender, and age. A tool that allows you to segment your contacts based on such aspects ensures that you send out the right text messages to the right people.

Scalability: Your business cannot remain the same all the time; it will keep on growing. You don’t need to worry about changing your marketing software in the future as that could be a tedious process. A scalable SMS marketing tool gives you an assurance that the future needs of your business will be taken care of, so you won’t have to purchase another tool.

Ease of use: An easy-to-use tool will make your work as a marketer easier since you will be able to create and send text messages accurately and fast. This helps to save time, which you can use to work on other tasks.

Security: Your customers will trust you with their information on the condition that you safeguard it as jealously as they would themselves. Yes, that is the least you can do. A tool with high-end security features will make it impossible to lose or expose your customer data.

Ability to support multiple users: This is a crucial feature to consider, especially if you have a team to work with. The software you choose should accommodate your SMS marketing team. This will ease the burden of having to procure multiple tools.