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What Is a Marketing Video Maker?
A digital tool used by content developers to create engaging video content used in fostering digital engagements.
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What is a marketing video maker?

The best online video tools let you create professional-quality marketing videos at a fraction of the cost and effort of outsourcing to a video production company and without the hassle of learning complicated software packages. After a short learning curve, even a non-technical person can use the user-friendly built-in templates, images, and fonts to create live-action or animated videos to enhance brand awareness, increase lead generation, and improve sales.

Using these video makers can be as simple as customizing the text and adding a logo to an existing template or, more likely, adapting one of the available templates to suit the content and look of your business. A drop-and-drag interface means most of the tools are easy to use and get impressive results given a bit of practice.

While there are free marketing video editors available, these are generally extremely limited in features and will prominently feature the branding of the video editor itself. To get the best results, an annual or monthly paid subscription to one of the best marketing video tools will offer more control over the content as well as better highlighting your business branding.

Why do you need a marketing video maker?

Your strategic marketing plan should have a variety of tactics that will engage your audiences, and video is likely a key tactic on its own as well as complementing other types of content, from social media and blog posts to static website pages and email marketing campaigns. Social media relies on a never-ending stream of varied content, and video is one of the most effective ways to gain attention on every platform.

Yet it’s not practical for most businesses to devote a budget to outsourcing a regular supply of short videos. Many businesses don’t have a dedicated video producer or animator on staff. Video software packages can be complicated and expensive.

Online marketing video editors can be a cost-effective way to feed the social media beast and improve search engine optimization with fewer resources and excellent results in brand awareness, lead generation, and sales.

Some of the ways to use a marketing video maker include:

  • Explainer videos that quickly showcase your product or service
  • Interviews with experts
  • Testimonials for your business, products or services
  • Content marketing to provide useful information that potential customers would be seeking
  • Infographics that bring your data to life
  • Creating videos for digital signage and screensavers
  • Personalized messages to valued customers
  • Jazzing up your talking head videos
  • Creating intros, outros, and captions for previously recorded videos
  • Adding voiceover and/or text to live-action video or animated scenes


How to choose a marketing video editor

Each marketing video editor will have particular strengths and weaknesses, and they all have some commonalities and some differences. Which one is right for your business will depend on how you intend to use the marketing video maker and what results in you are looking for.

With any online video editor, you’re likely to find templates, stock images and music, and built-in fonts, but some may fit better with your brand than others. The learning curve for tools that rely on fancier timelines and transitions might be worth it for the results you’ll achieve, or you might want something simpler with fewer features.

Questions to consider as you evaluate each tool are:

  • Do you want the simplest solution available, or can you put more time into learning the tool?
  • What kind of videos do you want to create? Animation, live-action, whiteboard drawings, text-based, all of the above?
  • Does the tool offer a variety of templates that could fit your brand?
  • Is there a good selection of fonts, stock images, and music? Or do you have a good selection of your own that you can easily upload?
  • How easy is it to put captions on the video?
  • What price range can your budget afford?
  • How much time will you invest in creating your videos?

Once you choose your marketing video maker, ensure you devote some time to learning the tool inside and out in order to make the most of it. With minimal investment in the right video editor, you could easily create professional-quality videos for all your online marketing purposes.

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