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A set of tools for online marketers that aids and augments their SEO link building exploits.

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With the link building and SEO landscape changing constantly, the significance of high-quality links cannot be overemphasized. But not everyone is good at building high-quality links. Whether you know a thing or two about link building or you are entirely new to it, this guide is for you. From explaining what link building is and its importance to tips on how to choose the best software for the process, everything here has been broken down for easy digestion.

What Is Link Building and What Is Its Significance?

Link building is the creation of links on other websites to drive traffic to your website and improve its ranking in search engines. The links can be embedded in a wide range of content, such as images, press releases, articles, infographics, and blog posts found on those websites. An essential aspect of search engine optimization (SEO), link building increases the number of visitors to your site, leading to increased readership, increased sales volume, among other benefits. If you want to stamp your authority as an expert in a particular area, then you will need to connect your website with other websites in your niche. Links also help you to build your brand, win the trust of your customers, and get high-quality leads that can easily become loyal clients.

While links are essential when it comes to marketing your site, not every link will be effective. The effectiveness of your links boils down to the choice of the software you’re using to build the links. But with the supply of such software services in abundance out there, you may find it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Want to get it right from the get-go? The next section delves into the tips of choosing the best link building software.

Tips for Choosing the Best Link Building Software

You may create the best content (articles, blog posts, press releases, or any other form of content). Still, if you don’t use the right tool for link building, you will wait in vain to see visitors on your site. And while everyone may have their own preferences when it comes to the best link building software, you will find the following tips to be useful when choosing such a tool.

Ease of Use

Link building itself may not be an easy thing, especially if you don’t know how it works. But the task would even be more difficult if you are trying to build your links using a somehow complicated tool. While most tools are easy to use, some are a bit difficult to use, and you may need quite some time to get used to them. A good tool should have easy-to-understand terminologies, and it should have a well laid out and neat interface. Navigation should be easy, and nothing should be a hassle to find.

Value for Money

Of course, not even a single cent should be lost without getting value for it when it comes to purchasing a link building tool. To know if a tool offers good value for money, you may want to look at the features provided in relation to the price. If you find that there are services in the market with better deals, then the tool in question may not be the best as far as value for money is concerned. However, you must not forget the fact that a tool can be the cheapest in the market, yet it offers the worst value for money. In other words, good value for money simply means that the usefulness of the tool is commensurate with the amount of money you’re spending to purchase it.


Link building tools are not immune to issues, just like any other form of software. The best part, however, is that no problem is too big for service providers to solve. And while almost every link building software provider offers support for their service, customer support differs among providers. Just imagine if you were to wait for at least 24 hours for a minor technical error with your software to be resolved. That would be a sign of poor support. The faster your issue is resolved, the better the support. A good software provider should also offer at least more than one way of contacting their support. Live chat, phone, and/or email support should be available. The availability of a well-thought-out knowledge base is also a sign of fantastic support.

Ability to Deliver Results

A link building tool can have all of the above features, but it would be useless if it cannot deliver results. That means a good tool should be able to improve your website ranking in search engines. You can easily tell how useful a tool is in delivering results by checking reviews. The majority of tools have at least a couple of reviews written by different people. With the internet by your side, you have full access to reviews of any link building software out there.