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What is a Instagram Influencer Platform?
Instagram influencer platforms are a place where marketers meet and monetize their influence on Instagram.
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How Do I Find Good Instagram Influencers?

Members of the Jenner-Kardashian family get up to half a million dollars to promote brands on their Instagram accounts. Phenomenal? Many people continue to perceive Instagram mistakenly as a big photo album. In reality, for some products, it is a very effective marketing tool. If you own a small cosmetics company, for example, it will be challenging to find a better platform than Instagram. But how do you succeed in influence marketing on Instagram?

The Complicated Choice of Influencers

Instagram has an incomparable advantage; it gives internet users the possibility to access all the site’s content. For example, searching for images on men’s moccasins automatically expands the search for everything related to men’s fashion. Besides the image itself, the name of the original account is also shown. This means that it will be easy, with no supporting software, to get a preliminary idea of the list of suitors.

This preliminary approach will just help the entrepreneur get a rough idea of potentially interesting influencers. Using software will help him deepen his analysis and find the ones that suit him perfectly. But how do you find the ones who will really help him complete his project? Finding a “Kim Kardashian” for the project is not complicated. There are many trendy influencers. The question is whether the entrepreneur has a large enough budget to pay for the services of his “celebrity.”

In most cases, the answer to this question is negative. It must be said that there are not only advantages to using the star. All internet users know that celebrities are not altruistic. They will not talk about a trademark to please its owner. Therefore, choosing a star as an influencer for a campaign can even backfire on the entrepreneur. The most dedicated fans of that celebrity will rush to support the brand. The smartest ones, who often represent the majority, will understand that this brand may be nothing exceptional. By hiring a celebrity, the brand loses some of its naturalness, which can be fatal for some products. Using Kim Kardashian or Heidi Klum for an anti-cellulite cream is potentially suicidal. The former regularly resorts to cosmetic surgery, and her fans know this. The second doesn’t have an ounce of fat. So, although both appear to be influencers for this campaign, the entrepreneur who recruits them is unlikely to interest the public.

It is precisely at this level that micro-influencers make their appearance. They are not known worldwide. In fact, they are complete unknowns, with only 1,000 or 2,000 subscribers. However, they will have a better chance of convincing internet users to test this brand. Their testimony will seem more honest and truthful. So, micro-influencer or celebrity influencer? It all depends on the brand’s notoriety. If a brand is unknown, the entrepreneur gains by trusting micro-influencers. If the brand enjoys a particular reputation, using celebrity services will help improve the brand’s visibility.

Choose One or More Influencers?

To answer this question, a clear answer will have to be given to a question already asked above; what is your budget? With a big budget, many crazy things are allowed. But when it is limited, the focus should be on its effectiveness.

  • Limit yourself to one influencer

This approach is only justified under two conditions. First, it has to be a sufficiently famous brand. The influencer, in this case, plays more of a spokesperson role for the brand. He will not really incite the public to consume because the brand is no longer to be presented. However, he gives it a new impetus and improves its brand image. Suppose a famous clothing brand previously aimed at adults in their 30s and older wants to broaden its customer base and focus on younger people, aged 18 to 30. Choosing a celebrity in this age group, and especially adored by this demographic, will help it attract their attention.

The second option; the entrepreneur’s budget is so limited that he can hardly even afford an influencer. It is advisable to find a single influencer who is active and has a good fan base. The disadvantage is that the campaign will be limited, at least for a start. However, the entrepreneur will get an excellent and dedicated fan base that will help him or her to build up the reputation of the company later on.

  • Selecting multiple influencers

Working with several influencers, famous or not, systematically increases its visibility. The number will depend on the objectives of the campaign. A brand that wants to be known worldwide enjoys recruiting influencers around the world. A brand that wants to establish its reputation in a specific geographical area can limit itself to a few local influencers. The most important thing when choosing influencers is to keep in mind the goals you want to achieve.