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What is an Email List Cleaning Software?
An Email list cleaning software helps marketers remove old or inactive emails from a database.
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Email marketing is undoubtedly the quickest and most effective way to reach a targeted audience. In light of this, email marketers always strive to build long email lists in their quest to grow their market reach. As far as marketing goes, you need to pay attention to the quality of your email list. A complete email list should have valid emails only. However, you can occasionally miss a few bad emails on your lists. This means that you always need to check the validity of your emails and scrub the bad ones.

An email list cleaning tool is essential for any marketer who wants to improve on the quality of their email lists. The market is full of email list cleaning tools. Therefore it is imperative to do due diligence on your part and get the tools that have the best email list cleaning service.

Choosing the Best Email List Cleaning Service

Some email cleaning tools stand out among the rest. If you are sifting through various email cleaning service providers looking for the best, here are some factors to consider when choosing the most suitable list cleaner.

Number of Emails That Can Be Verified

The number of emails that can be verified is usually a top consideration when choosing an email verifier. If you have a list with thousands of emails and its growing fast, you need to limit your options to service providers that can handle large lists. Most of the best email list cleaners can verify a million emails on a single list.


Most email list verifiers offer accuracy of 70 to 80% as far as scrubbing bad emails is concerned. While this accuracy is quite useful, it can be a lot better if you settle for an email service that offers higher scrubbing accuracy, even if it means digging deeper into your pockets. The best email list cleaning tools have a built-in bounce handler. Using an email service with this feature means that you will be able to process bounced emails in your campaigns, and thus clean your list with an accuracy close to 100%.

Anonymity in Verification

As far as email cleaning goes, you must ensure that the cleaning tool guarantees you of maximum anonymity. This means that it should not notify the email holders about the verification. Email verification should always remain discrete. Ideally, the best email list cleaning software does not have to send real emails to determine whether the email is good or bad.

Backup-Restore Capabilities

A good email list cleaner should have a quick and effective backup-restore capability. This means that you can always use the software on different computers without the risk of losing valuable data. Backup-restore capabilities come in handy when a system crashes. The best list verifiers will always help you restore your lists and verification results after a successful installation.

Why Should You Clean Your Email Lists?

The quality of any email lists declines with time. Some studies show that close to 5% of subscribers become unresponsive in a month. In light of this, most marketers need to invest in list cleaning. Otherwise, they risk turning a profitable email list ‘dead.’ Email cleaning also takes care of spam traps and fake emails generated by bots.

List verification helps enhance the deliverability stats of your emails. Improving this enhances the reputation of your domain. And if your domain has a good reputation, you do not have to worry about the possibility of having your emails being flagged as spam.

When Should You Clean Your Email Lists?

Most marketers are often concerned about the frequency with which they should clean their email lists. With the best list verification tools, you should clean your emails regularly. Plus, any time you notice a sudden decline in open rates. While the drop might be blamed on a variety of factors, you can always rule out the quality of your email list with a simple check.

As far as the frequency is concerned, take it upon yourself to clean your lists more often as you grow your subscribers. Ideally, this means that marketers getting tons of subscribers should scrub their lists regularly, preferably once a month.

Final Thoughts

Freeing up your email lists from unwanted intruders goes a long way in enhancing the quality of communication with your audience. As far as scrubbing your email lists is concerned, it is imperative to invest in the best email list cleaning services. And once you have a clean list, purpose to ensure it remains that way through periodic scrubbing.

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