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What Is an eCommerce Platform?
An eCommerce platform is a software that enables retailers to customize key aspects of their online enterprise.
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Checking Out The Best eCommerce Platforms

The internet serves many purposes. For many, it provides them with an opportunity to create a thriving business. There are different ways in which they can go about this, but one of the most popular is through eCommerce. In order to do this, they have to build a website that runs off an eCommerce platform. There are many options to choose from in this space.

How Does An eCommerce Platform Work?

The platform provides the user with the tools that they require to present their goods to prospective buyers. Ecommerce platforms are designed to allow for the easy management of the site. The platform lets the user do marketing, promote sales, and is a place where a payment gateway can be used to collect the money from the sales.

What Are The Best eCommerce Platforms?

The best eCommerce platforms are those that are going to allow the business to present their goods in the best way possible. They have to have a reputation for being seamless and no downtime. A good quality eCommerce Platform has to be able to deliver the following:

Operate on one comprehensive system

It should not require the integration of several different applications. The software should have the following built into it.

  • POS
  • Inventory
  • Order Management
  • Merchandising
  • Marketing
  • Customer services
  • Accounting

Consumer View

It should allow for easy navigation along with the presentation of “at a glance” information.

Order Management

The eCommerce Platform should be able to provide a good customer experience.


The platform has to be robust enough that it can handle the growth of inventory which allows the company to expand.

How To Choose The Best eCommerce Platforms

Choosing the best eCommerce Platform begins with identifying the wants and needs of the eCommerce business. The intent is common across all eCommerce platforms which is to sell products or services. When choosing the best eCommerce platform, the following features should be looked for.

  • Management of Content
  • Procurement
  • Options for customer support
  • A detailed analytics and reporting system
  • The ability to support payment gateway options
  • Marketing capabilities
  • Promotion options
  • Pricing Options

While there are different platforms to choose from they will each have their own areas where they have put a greater emphasis. When choosing the best one it will depend on which features are going to be the most important for a specific business. This can include:

  • Ease of Use: Many that are entering into an eCommerce want to be able to set up and manage their chosen platform themselves. To do this there has to be a lot of support build within the platform to guide the user through the setup and the maintenance.
  • Variety: Many of the platforms offer a selection of templates. This allows each user of the platform to create an eCommerce website that is unique to their brand. There has to be a good variety of templates that will allow for this.
  • Bandwidth: The sizes of eCommerce businesses can vary. Every business that is set up for eCommerce should plan for expansion. The platform has to be capable of handling this.

Mobile friendly: It is extremely important that the platform be mobile friendly. There has to be options built in that allow for optimization of the site.

  • Gateway Flexibility: One of the struggles that can surface is integrating a payment gateway. Some vendors want to have options for this. The platform should allow for this and the setup should be hassle-free.
  • Extensions: Another great feature to look for is the option for add-ons and extensions when needed.

A lot of the eCommerce platforms are looked at as being a “business in a box”. Meaning that a lot of the tasks that need to be completed is already done. It is just a matter of personalizing the platform which is often done through drag and drop features.

Pricing is going to be another consideration. Many are comparable but those that offer more advanced features can be a little more expensive. The final decision as to what is going to best eCommerce platform should not be based on price alone. Looking at what the platform can deliver for the start-up as well as for the future is the most important aspect when making a choice.