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What is a Cloud Storage?
Cloud storage is a model used to store and transmit data stored in remote storage systems.

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The Best Cloud Storage Services

If you’re producing digital media online, you’re going to need a cloud storage service that can help you manage your files and share them with other people. There are loads of providers out there, and choosing the right one can be pretty difficult since they all seem to offer relatively similar feature-sets. Getting the decision right is essential, since changing from one cloud storage provider to another, once you have started using your chosen service, may be challenging

How Does Cloud Storage Work?

Usually, when you save a file on your computer, it is stored on your computer’s internal hard disc or, in some cases, on a shared drive that will be located somewhere on your network. When you save the file to cloud storage, the file is stored on a remote server operated by the cloud storage company. In some cases, a local copy will be stored on your hard drive so that you can access it as quickly as possible, but in others, the only copy of the file will be the one stored on the cloud storage service; this frees up space on your computer hard drive for other files.

You can either access these files by going to the website of your cloud storage service, or you can install an application on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone that makes it easy for you to access these files through the standard file explorer interface. Whichever method you choose, you’ll also be able to benefit from the ability to easily access the files that you have created regardless of the device that you are using. This is incredibly useful if, for instance, you suddenly need to make a few last-minute changes to a document while you are on a train on the way to an important meeting.

The services are also suitable if you want to make a backup for the files on your computer. Keeping a second copy of your files in case of a hard drive failure, theft, or another issue is very good practice. It could save you from losing important documents that you have slaved over at a vital moment.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Cloud Storage

There are a few standard features that you can use to compare one cloud storage service against another. In general, these are the features that we have used to compare the cloud storage services listed on the website.

The first thing to check is the devices that your chosen cloud storage service is compatible with. Make sure that an application is available for all of the devices that you use regularly. If an app is not available, then at the very least, you will want to make sure that there is a good web interface that is easy to use on your chosen device.

The next thing to check is how much storage you can get for what price. Try to take a look at your needs beforehand and make a realistic assessment of the amount of storage that you will require. If you are using the service to make a backup of your hard drive, for instance, you will need to make sure that the amount of storage that you are paying for matches the capacity of your hard drive.

Next, check that the service has all of the features that you will require. For example, if you will be using the service to share files with your clients, then it will be essential to make sure that your chosen cloud storage service gives you a way of sharing files with people who have not signed up for an account. If you are using your cloud storage in a team, then make sure that it offers accounts for every member of your organization. Some cloud storage providers will charge extra for this type of access, so make sure that you factor this in when you are comparing prices across providers.

Finally, take a look at the reviews for the services that are in your shortlist and make sure that they have a reputation for excellent technical support, customer service, and reliability. Accessing your files on a cloud storage service should be as reliable as locating them on your hard disc, and you’ll want to be confident that you won’t run into any problems. For this reason, it’s worth considering one of the longer established cloud storage services if their reputation is good, even if this means that you do have to pay a little more for their service.

Starting to use a cloud storage service will give you a lot more flexibility when it comes to the way that you work and store your files. Taking a little time now to ensure you make the right choice will make things far easier in the future.