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What is a Call Tracking software?

A tool used help marketers assess the ROI offered by phone leads targeting various performance-based advertisements.

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What Is Call Tracking Software?

Call tracking software can be described as a system designed to collect various data from any inbound call. Examples of the type of information that can be collected include the caller’s geographical location, the calling number, and the call’s digital marketing source. The software can also record incoming calls for future reference. By tracking calls, your business will be able to fill the gap between your marketing campaigns and inbound leads. It will also give you a better understanding of new business opportunities.

Types of Call Tracking Software

There are four main types of call tracking software available to marketers. These are callback function, call number tracking, dynamic call tracking, and static number tracking.

Callback Function

Callback tracking software is an exclusively internet-based solution. That means that it can work with online marketing efforts only. When using the function, your company will set up an advert that prompts potential clients and customers to provide their phone numbers and various other information. The call tracking software then collects the data, and your company can set up calls with the leads. A browser cookie will save some other details as the potential customers input their information. Such details include where, how, and when the lead found the online advertisement that you set up.

Call Number Tracking

This type of tracking software uses a telephone server instead of a web server. The software then provides you with phone numbers to track your marketing efforts, both online and offline. The call tracking software can help you determine the best channels on which you can spend your marketing efforts by giving you multiple numbers.

Dynamic Call Tracking

This type of call tracking software allows you to program websites such that they can swap phone numbers for all users when the websites load. Ideally, it will enable you to control the contact that will be displayed to a potential lead, as per the preset criteria. Dynamic call tracking can be either channel-based or unique session tracking.

For channel-based tracking, information about potential customers is collected based on the channel through which they found your business. With unique session tracking, the software gathers information about the lead from a website. Then each session is allocated a unique number over a set time. The software can accurately determine where the potential customer was as he made the call. The tracking can be tied to marketing sources, landing pages, split testing, keywords, content, and a lot more.

Static Number Tracking

This is used more often in traditional marketing. The advertising company provides different phone numbers for each advertisement source such as magazines, newspapers, television, and billboards.

How to Choose the Best Call Tracking Software

There are several critical factors that you have to set under consideration when choosing call tracking software if you want to get the most suitable application for your business. You might have to do some research on the options that you have at your disposal with the factors in mind so that you make the right choice. Some of the top factors to consider are highlighted below.

Number Coverage

Call tracking software should help you publish unique telephone numbers across your marketing campaigns. When your ads target the international market, you should choose a service provider that offers phone numbers, both local and toll-free, in the countries you prefer.

Dynamic Number Generation

The call tracking software you choose should generate numbers dynamically, which you will use for your campaigns. For example, if you add a javascript code on a web page, it should show the preset numbers determined by the URL of the page as per the software. That will save you a lot of time compared to having to do it manually. It also reduces the chances of errors, which usually lead to further errors in analytics.


Integrating the call tracking software with various other tools will help you to derive more from it. You should thus ensure the call tracking software you choose can be integrated with the tools that you already use in your company and those that you intend to use in the future. For example, you will get a lot more insights that you can use in making critical business decisions when you integrate the call tracking software with analytics tools. You can also check the ease of integration to determine the most suitable software for your company.


Generally, the more customizable the call tracking software is, the better it will be for your business. Different businesses utilize data in different ways. The software you choose may not have all the features that you need to utilize data accordingly. For example, you may want to trigger CRM database lookups, and screen pops in real-time when a call comes in, but the call tracking software you get may not offer that. With customization, you should be able to build such over the API of the service provider. The more customizable the software is, the more you can make use of it.


After choosing call tracking software, all of your incoming business-related calls will come through the service provider’s infrastructure. That means that any downtime that the service provider experiences will affect your business significantly. You should, thus, ensure that you choose a provider that guarantees high quality and uptime. That will help to ensure that you do not lose potential leads, and your credibility will remain good among the prospective customers.

Call Recordings

The best call tracking software has call recording and transcription features. The transcriptions and recordings can offer a lot of information related to potential customers and what they may need. With time, you will notice some patterns of how potential customers get information about your products or services. You will also learn about the terminologies that the customers use to communicate about pain points and such. The information will be quite useful when it comes to fine-tuning your marketing strategy. Call recordings can also help you to understand how your agents handle all calls and the kind of feedback that they provide.


The call tracking software you choose should provide you with detailed analytics and other related information. Such include caller ID, caller location, call date and time, call source, and call durations. The details are presented in real-time. The call tracking software should also allow you to derive insights from historical data for repeat callers. The information will help you to optimize your marketing strategy.


As your business grows, so will the number of calls that will go through the call tracking software. The more calls come through the software, the more likely the service cost will be. For that reason, it would be wiser to go for a solution that offers the best industry rates based on your projected growth.

Benefits of Call Tracking Software

  • It Allows Audience Targeting

With call tracking software, you can understand your audience a lot better past the basic caller identification information that you usually receive. Your agents can access callers’ full names, phone number, and geographic location, among other details, before picking up the call. With such information, your agents will be able to handle all requests in a more personalized manner to enhance the customer experience.

  • You Can Record Calls

Call tracking software allows you to record calls and a lot more information about them. For example, you can record the reason for a call, length of the call, purchase history of the caller, and quality of the call, among other things. The data can then be used to make the right adjustments to enhance customer service and future marketing campaigns.

  • It Helps to Optimize Campaigns

The ROI attribution capabilities are perhaps the main reason for any business to invest in advanced call tracking software. Nowadays, businesses have to use various advertisement forms to win the attention of potential clients. Given how much the digital sphere has opened up a variety of marketing opportunities, your business can use powerful software to track all the different marketing streams. The software will also present relevant and accurate data concisely.

  • You Get a Complete View of the Customer Journey

Without call tracking software, you can only view the customer journey individually as segmented sections instead of a continuous process that shows clear connections from any stage to the next. Being able to view the customer journey in its entirety helps to ensure your customers get a solid experience, which is what call tracking software offers. The tracking software will give reports about fine details from the moment a customer makes a call to when the sale is closed, keeping you in the loop at all times.

  • Allows You to Keep Track of Trends

Call tracking software can provide you with information regarding your marketing strategies compared to what the potential clients want. The call volume and categories, in particular, will tell you a lot about what is trending so that you can implement the right marketing strategies to take advantage of the trends.

  • It Allows You to Focus on Untapped Geographies to Expand Your Business

Expanding the reach is usually a top priority, especially for new and small businesses. To do so, you need to identify and maximize new and untapped markets. With call tracking software, identifying and analyzing the potential in untapped areas will be a lot easier, after which you can focus your marketing efforts there. Call tracking software will allow you to access geographical data of the potential clients who call your business. All you need to do is check the geographical location from which there is a large pool of calls.

  • You Get to Invest in Marketing Campaigns That Work

Call tracking software can allow you to identify and utilize successful marketing campaigns, keeping you from wasting your money and precious time. You will be able to aim all your marketing efforts in the right direction, which ensures you generate a greater return on investment from them. The software allows you to compare the results you get from the various advertising channels by tracking unique telephone numbers associated with each of them. You can thus determine the most profitable channel. For online campaigns, call tracking software will help you determine the landing pages that are producing the best results, helping you know how to design and implement online marketing efforts better.

  • Call Tracking Software Improves Your Return on Investment

All businesses are usually looking for ways to reduce costs in a bid to maximize profits. Running a business with minimum expenses is, however, a challenge. That is because low costs usually lead to low-quality returns. With call tracking software, that is not necessarily the case. Your business should strive to be available 24/7, but that may not be possible for a small company. Call tracking software will allow you to track any missed call that might be an opportunity for a sale, in addition to gathering a variety of related information.

  • It Can Help with Optimization on Peak Call Hours

You can use the tracking feature to get information regarding when most calls are made to your business. That includes times of the day and day of the week, allowing you to determine the days and hours that are most critical for your company. With the information, you can utilize your staff more efficiently and manage their working hours a lot better.

Top Features of Call Tracking Software

  • Usability

The call tracking software should be easy to implement in your business and to use. There is no point in getting something that will take more time and cause more stress to use, and still pay for it. Keep in mind that ease of use might be relative based on how tech-savvy someone is, so consider the capabilities of your agents.

  • Dashboard

The dashboard is another top feature to consider. It should be quite intuitive and according to your preferences. You should not have to dig a lot for each detail that you may need. It should also be aesthetically pleasing.

  • Caller Profiles

The software should allow you to establish various caller profiles by collecting relevant data such as caller’s location, time of call, the device they are using to call, including others.

  • CRM Integration

The chances are that you are using a CRM program in your company. If that is the case, an essential feature in call tracking software for your business will be integration. With the integration, relevant details from the profiles in the system can be integrated into your contact records. The integration will also be necessary for any other tools that you might be using in your company.

  • Scalability

Scalability is essential as it allows you to adjust your needs of the call tracking software as the business grows. More scalable software will cost you a lot less when your needs increase. Some programs might get a bit too expensive when you get to the higher levels, so ensure you factor in your business projections.

  • Real-Time Reporting

Generally, the more metrics you can get from your call tracking software, the more value it provides. Additionally, the ease and speed of access to analytics are also essential features. Those that provide real-time analytics are considered the best as they help increase the agent’s ability to deliver a customized experience and improve performance.

  • Keyword Tracking

Ideal call tracking software can tell you when a contact clicks on your site from an organic search or when they navigate to specified pages on your site before calling you. Keyword tracking features enable that.

  • Intelligent Call Routing

The call tracking software you choose may have its own IVR system or can be integrated with the ones you are already using. What is of more importance is that the system ensures the calls are intelligently and dynamically sent to the right team or person.

How Does Call Tracking Software Work?

Ideally, call tracking software assigns various traceable phone numbers to marketing sources. The numbers help to capture useful information that can help improve your marketing campaigns. There are two ways of setting up the phone numbers: 1-on-1 call tracking and dynamic number insertion. For 1-on-1 call tracking, the software will generate unique numbers that can be assigned to offline advertisements and other marketing efforts. You can then understand performance by tracking the call volume of each of the unique numbers.

With dynamic number insertion, a piece of code is added to your site. When a user visits your website, the code will dynamically replace the phone number on the webpages with one that is tied to preset data, such as how they found your site.


Call tracking software is among the best investments that you can make as a marketer or business owner. It comes with numerous benefits that will help you through converting potential leads into loyal customers. It is suitable for any kind and size of business. However, you might have to consider the unique features of the different call tracking software available in the market to determine the most suitable one for your business. When used correctly, you are almost guaranteed a significant boost in sales.