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What Is an App Store Optimization Tool (ASO)?

Software used to help developers get optimal visibility in an app store by optimizing apps.

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A Guide to App Store Optimization Tools

Can you remember how you got the last application you installed on your device? You most probably searched for the app in one of the most popular application stores. As researchers would confirm, app store search results are where the battle for discovering any app is won or lost. From studies done by an ad analytics firm called TUNE, it is clear that ASO (app store optimization) has to be the focus of app developers if these tech experts want their products to be easily discovered by potential users. No matter how good an app is, it won’t be a profitable project if it’s ranking in app stores is poor. But with the right tools, app store optimization has been made easy. Written for app developers, this guide has all the information these experts need as far as ASO is concerned.

App Store Optimization Tool Explained

For your app to be discovered in the marketplace, there has to be something that drives traffic to it. That something is what is known as an ASO tool. Simply put, an app store optimization tool is the software you need to optimize your app in an app store to ensure it ranks high in search results. This increases the app’s visibility to potential users, which, in turn, boosts sales. ASO tools come in various different types, including A/B testing tools, app store intelligence tools, review & sentiment analysis tools, and app keyword optimization tools. It pays to break down each of these types.

A/B testing tools: It doesn’t matter how well you have designed your app’s user interface or its marketing copy. As soon as it gets on an app store, it may need some changes. With ASO A/B testing tools, however, the changes may not be necessary. App developers can use this technique in knowing which app marketing copies will perform the best for their products.

Keyword optimization tools: This type of app store optimization tool works by monitoring how certain keywords perform. Once the performance data is captured, the tools will provide suggestions as to how you can optimize the various aspects of your marketing copy, including description, keyword set, and title. If you are looking for information on how keywords for apps rank, it is also the work of these tools to provide you with that particular data.

Intelligence tools: If there is one thing that propels the app world, then data is that thing. In the absence of analytical information, app marketers would not be able to effectively rank and connect apps with users. And the information has to be up to date. App store intelligence tools are what enable app developers to gain access to this vital data.

Sentiment and review analysis ASO tools: As the name suggests, this type of ASO tool is designed to help analyze app store reviews and sentiments. As potential app customers browse an app store, they will most likely want to check what other people are saying about a particular app, as well as how the app ranks in relation to its competitors. The information they gather will definitely play a vital role in choosing which app to use.

Search ads optimization tools: This type of app store optimization tool makes it possible for app developers to advertise their ad campaigns on app stores. The tools work by providing insights into competitor data, which acts as the basis for decision making to ensure more effective ad campaigns.

App product page optimization tools: ASO is not just about keyword optimization; it goes beyond just that. Some ASO tools generate analyzed reports on the app listing or app product page. The analysis will typically be accompanied by suggestions on how to improve the various aspects of your app, including its name, compatibility, pricing, localization, and screenshots, for purposes of optimizing your product page. An optimized product page will definitely lead to improved download conversion rate.

How to Optimize Your App in App Stores

Of course, there are quite a number of market factors that determine how your app sells. They range from users’ preferences and market competition to pricing and, of course, plenty of others. And these factors are not easy to control. How can you control the competition, for instance? It is next to impossible. But there is one aspect that you can control: app store optimization. This may be a complex process, but there is a way to make it simple and even fast. That way involves the use of the right ASO tools. By optimizing your app, it will be able to rank higher in the app store, meaning that it will be visible to a large population of potential users.

Remember, there are various different ASO tools in the market, and while some of them work marvelously, others can be the biggest scam, which you must avoid as much as you can. The best way to know the best app store optimization tools is to do research, which may involve checking independent reviews.

The Benefits of App Store Optimization Tools

The most popular way through which app users find apps is by conducting a search in the app stores. Thanks to this, ASO is indispensable if you want your app to be easily visible in the app store search results. If you own a blog or website, you probably already know how to optimize your site for search engines and how vital search engine optimization is to the success of your project. App store optimization works the same way as search engine optimization. If you get it right, there are high chances that your app will be among the first results to come on display when app store visitors conduct searches. As a matter of fact, app store optimization is arguably the most effective strategy when it comes to marketing your app. So, why is app store optimization essential?

Increased revenue and higher conversion rate: You have a host of ways, including subscription models, in-app purchases, and in-app ads, at your disposal to monetize your application. That’s why you will notice that most app developers and owners use ads to attract more customers and consequently increase their revenue. However, if the ads are not convincing enough to potential customers, then not many users will download and use your app. That is where app store optimization proves to be useful as it also impacts how people click through and download your app, leading to improved conversion rates.

Improved visibility in the app stores: It doesn’t matter how great or good your app is, it is impossible for the app store visitors to download and use the app if they cannot find it in the stores. For your app to achieve its purpose, it has to be easily discoverable. The more visible it is, the higher the chances of being selected from the millions of apps that are usually available in the app stores. So, don’t just sit and watch your well-designed app perform poorly; optimize it instead.

Ability to grow a worldwide user base: If you don’t know, there is what is known as localization. It is an aspect of app store optimization, which involves making your app available in the users’ local languages. This makes it easily discoverable to users from various different cultural backgrounds and geographical locations. So, rather than lockout users due to a language barrier, it is best to localize your app and boost your revenue.

Visible to relevant users: While very many app store visitors can discover your app, only some of them will use it. This is what is meant by relevant users. Yes, they are relevant users because they will most likely use your app. Call them high-quality leads, if you like. ASO ensures that your app is discovered by relevant searchers by matching the app to specific keywords. These keywords are the relevant terms users will use in searching your app in the app stores.

Increased organic downloads: With app store optimization, your app will definitely experience increased organic downloads and installations. The reason why it happens is that searchers will always see your app every time they search for a related app in the app stores. You can boost your app’s organic downloads by regularly updating your application to the latest version and features.

Saves money: While you can’t downplay the importance of ads, they come at a cost, a relatively high price, as a matter of fact. That is why app developers would be happy to use cheaper yet equally effective ways. One of those ways is to focus on organic growth through app store optimization.

Choosing the Best ASO Tools

So you are through with your app design, and it is now time to optimize it for the app stores. The first step you will want to cover is to find the best ASO tool for the job. That begs the question, “what goes into choosing the best ASO tool?” Well, while the best ASO tool boils down to personal opinions, a good ASO tool should provide accurate and relevant metrics, such as keyword traffic, keyword rankings, app reviews, history of version updates, and data installs. What other factors will you want to consider in making your choice?

Effectiveness: How effective is the tool when it comes to app store optimization? This is one question that must be answered before you make a decision on which tool to use. There is no need to jump on the first ASO tool you come across just because you are desperate to get one. You could assess the tool’s effectiveness in getting your app ranked well in the app stores by looking at the honest comments, opinions, and reviews of the users. This information can be gathered from user forums, blogs, and websites dedicated to providing independent reviews. But you will also want to be careful as not all reviews are honest. Besides, some ASO tool providers pay people to write positive reviews and comments about their products as a way of tempting potential users into thinking that such tools are the best. Beware of scammers!

Tool type: What kind of an app store optimization tool do you need? One of the sections above has discussed the various types of ASO tools so comprehensively that you must have understood the importance of each of the types by now. Your choice of tool will depend on how you want the results of your app store optimization to be. Want to monitor the performance of some specific app keywords? You will want to go for app keyword optimization tools. App developers looking to access data on app reviews and ratings need what is known as review and sentiments analysis ASO tools.

Pricing: While you cannot underestimate the importance of free ASO tools, such tools are not free of drawbacks. From annoying ads and limited features to poor support and many more cons, free services rarely come without their downside. That being the case, you don’t have to purchase the most expensive ASO tool on the market to get your app up and running excellently. Neither should you go for a free tool unless it is absolutely necessary. The question you should ask yourself even before you think of splashing the cash on any ASO tool is whether you will get value for your money. Don’t forget that there are ASO tools with similar features and effectiveness but at different prices. Why would you want to pay more than you don’t need to? Simply shop around for the best deals, and your app will be there with the best.

Support: No service is perfect, not even one, and neither are ASO tools. Like any software, ASO tools can have technical hitches and other hiccups that you may not be able to fix by yourself. That’s why your ASO tool provider must also provide excellent support, which is a critical aspect of every great service.

While there is a lot of ASO tools out there with a lot of features to be desired, only a few tools come with everything you may want. To that extent, you could take advantage of a combination of ASO tools if you’re going to make the best out of them. Don’t forget that the goal, at the end of the day, is to get the best ASO results.

Wrapping This Up

Having gone through this guide and learned everything herein, chances are that the knowledge you have gained thus far will set you up for the best ASO strategy. With care, research, and of course, a bit of trial and error, your app will be able to leapfrog its competitors on the charts, leading to increased sales. But patience is key to the success of any project, so don’t think that ASO tools will work a miracle overnight. Just keep a sharp eye and ear on how things unfold, effect any necessary changes, and your investment will pay off in the long run, wow!