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What is an Amazon Seller Tool?

A program used by Amazon marketers to find high-ranking keywords, study competitors, identify trends and optimize listings.
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by HelloProfit 2 Read Reviews

HelloProfit is an Amazon seller tool designed to help the sellers control and manage large amounts of data. By utilizing the tool, the sellers can effortlessly determine the most effective strategy to use to increase their profits. That is made possible by the extensive data…Read More



by Binary Hippo 3 Read Reviews

ProfitGuru is a powerful research tool designed to help Amazon sellers find winning products and brands, find suppliers, and track competitors, among other things. It brings brands, products, and suppliers in a single place so that the sellers can build a lean supply chain. When…Read More



by AMZTracker 1 Read Reviews

AMZTracker comprises of a set of tools for Amazon merchants, which helps them in a range of tasks such as competitor analysis, strategy tips, and keyword research, among many others. These tools enhance product promotions and management of conversions. AMZTracker features aren’t as many as…Read More



by RepricerExpress 5 Read Reviews

RepricerExpress is an auto repricing tool used by Amazon merchants. This tool seeks to help marketers improve their chances of winning the Buy Box, thus growing their sales volumes. It achieves this feat by constantly adjusting product prices as competitor prices change. This tool employs…Read More



by SellerLabs

Seller Labs comprises of several Amazon tools, which are designed to help sellers on the Amazon platform to optimize their profits. It is mainly known to help with seller reviews and feedback, search engine optimization, and various advertising solutions. Its wide variety of features are…Read More


The eCommerce world is fiercely competitive. Sellers are employing all the possible strategies to ensure they stay in business and make a profit. That is more of the case for Amazon, which happens to control a substantial share of the eCommerce industry. You can find millions of products on Amazon, from which you can choose what to sell for a profit. Choosing the right product and getting sales requires a lot of time, effort, and experience, which not all prospective Amazon sellers have. In light of this fact, Amazon seller tools come in handy to help bridge the gap.

Amazon seller tools include all the browser extensions and apps used to help make the selling process easier, faster, and more effective. It ranges from tools used to find winning products to those designed to enhance customer feedback and reviews, covering anything in between. However, the main goal for all the Amazon seller tools is to help sellers make the most profit.

How to Choose the Best Amazon Seller Tools

There are numerous factors that you should consider when choosing an Amazon seller tool to ensure that you get the best results. Choosing might be a little confusing because of the many options available in the market, but the factors highlighted below can help you to narrow everything down.


Your particular goals should be among the first things you consider when looking for the best Amazon seller tool. That is because different seller tools are designed with different targets in mind despite all of them being supposed to increase sales. For example, a new seller looking to find the right product and product keywords to use might not use the same seller tool as a seasoned seller interested in feedback and product reviews.

Thus, choosing based on goals requires you to factor in the stage in which your business is at and the limiting factors such as investment capital and geographical locations. You then have to research what different Amazon seller tools you have can offer and choose one that will provide you the most value.


Not all Amazon seller tools will deliver what they promise. Some of the low-quality ones can even end up causing more harm than good to your business. Thus, you should ensure that the tool you choose is capable of offering everything you need regarding its results. For that, you need to do a little research to discover the reputation of the tool and company behind it. Find out what other users have obtained from it, what they think about it, and then base your decision on what you find.

It might also be a good idea to go with a brand that is well-known and has been around for some time. They are more likely to be well-established and to offer the best tools and services.

Number of Features

Most of the Amazon seller tools contain numerous useful features that can come in quite handy to sellers. That means that they can do a lot more to help increase sales. The more the features, the less you might have to invest in other software, meaning that you also get to save money. Having more features or apps within a tool comes with the convenience of not switching between apps, which can be frustrating and time-consuming. Some of the most comprehensive Amazon seller tools allow for split testing, product research, reports and analysis, keyword research, price management, listing optimization, rank tracking, and alerts, among many others.


The cost of subscribing is another essential consideration to make. Ideally, the decision should depend on the amount of money that your business can spend on seller tools. That, however, should not be a reason to compromise on quality and effectiveness, if your business is working with a limited budget. In most cases, you always get what you pay for. This implies that expensive tools are more likely to offer you a lot more than the cheaper ones, but this is not always the case here.

When choosing, ensure that you go for the one that will give you the most value. That is because some tools are priced higher as part of marketing, but they are not as good as they claim to be.

You can also consider Amazon seller tools that offer free plans or trial periods. That is particularly an excellent idea if you are new to selling on Amazon. That is because it will give you enough confidence to invest in your chosen tool as you will already know what you will get for your money. It also allows you to learn more about usability and familiarize yourself with the tools. You can consider the payment options, especially if you have a preferred mode of payment. Ensure that you can work with the available options before committing to a seller tool.

User Experience

When it comes to considering user experience, your decision may depend a lot on your experience of using seller tools. If you have no experience, for example, you should opt for one that is user-friendly and requires minimal user input as opposed to those that might need you to have some experience in HTML coding. The idea is to choose a tool that will not have a long learning curve for you, and which does not take too much time to navigate to the functions that you may need. You can also consider aesthetics, as they can help improve user experience. Legible fonts, comfortable colors, and overall formatting are examples of what you should consider when it comes to aesthetics.

Customer Service

There are good chances that you will run into some issues or have queries about the seller tool at some point. Customer service should help you fix such issues within the shortest time possible so that you can continue to focus on running your business. You should thus choose an Amazon selling tool that offers impressive customer service round the clock. The faster the customer representatives can handle your requests, the more convenient it will be for you. You can also consider the available channels of getting through to customer service.

Benefits of Amazon Seller Tools

  • They help you to find winning products

Utilizing Amazon selling tools can help you find the products that sell quickly and give decent returns. With product research tools, you can have the confidence to launch your first product or find new products that you can add to your existing range. In addition to finding winning products, Amazon tools can also help you choose the best product images to use and the right price points.

  • They help you get the right Keywords

Getting the right keywords to use will play a significant role in determining the success of your business. That is because the keywords and key phrases are what will get organic traffic to your products. For each product keyword, you have to consider numerous factors such as search volume and competition. Using the best Amazon seller tools will make finding the right keywords easier and faster.

  • Amazon tools boost performance

If you want to increase your sales volume, you should invest in Amazon tools. The tools allow you to make a variety of informed and strategic decisions regarding your marketing activities. You can use them to interpret and understand the data that Amazon provides, all from one place and in real-time. You can also monitor your sales volume using the tools and know your profit margins after fees and cost deductions.

  • They can improve the rankings of your listings on Amazon

Getting to the first page on Amazon is usually among the main challenges when trying to build a brand. It requires a lot of SEO expertise and strategies that will beat your competitors. Using the best Amazon seller tools can give you a high chance of getting to the first page without getting overwhelmed with all the effort you have to put in. Seller tools will help you get the right keywords, descriptions, titles, and prices, among many other elements that contribute to rankings.

  • They enable you to spy on competitors

Getting relevant information on what your competition is doing can help you to get ahead in the business. Examples of the information you can uncover using the seller tools include the strategies they are using and the keywords for which they are ranking. You can then customize your keywords and strategy to what will help you attract your competitors’ customers. With the Amazon tools, getting such information is fast and easy. Depending on the tool that you use, you can even monitor all the changes that they make so that nothing catches you by surprise.

  • Allow you to identify the right sellers

Finding the right seller for your products is a crucial part of the business. Amazon tools can help you to find and contact the right customer based on a variety of factors such as price, shipping costs, stock availability, previous shipments, and order history, among many others. Some of the tools can also help you contact the sellers and store their contact information so that it can be faster and easier to contact the seller the next time.

  • They can help to enhance customer trust

With the correct use of Amazon tools, you can improve the trust that customers have on your brand. That is more of the case when you utilize the feedback and review tools, as you will be able to engage with your customers a lot more. The increased trust usually leads to increased sales and improved customer loyalty.

  • They save the time and effort used in marketing

Trying to do everything from optimizing your listings to increasing your sales requires a lot of dedicated effort, expertise, and time, especially if you are to do it manually. Manual methods often pose a significant challenge to newbie Amazon sellers who have no experience. Using the best Amazon selling tools will help take away the burden of doing most of the required tasks. That leaves you with more time to focus on your selling strategy and other essential elements of your business.

  • The tools help to save money

Most of the seller tools do a lot of the work that you would otherwise have to pay experts to do. That means that you get to save a significant amount of money in the process. You might have to pay for subscriptions, but the increase in sales usually gives higher returns than what you pay. The increased profits and the saved money will help your business to grow.

  • The tools can help you with inventory management

Poor inventory management can be quite costly to your business. Various Amazon seller tools can give you a real-time view of your inventory, which will help you to avoid costly stock-outs and various stock-related fees.

How Do Amazon Seller Tools Work?

Most of the Amazon tools come in the form of a browser extension, and some have web applications. To use the tools, you need first to download and install the browser extensions or app of the tool and complete the installation process.

Depending on the seller tool you are using, you may have to buy a subscription plan before accessing the tool’s features. For others, you might start by utilizing a free trial period or free plan to try out the features before making payments.

After you set up your account and log in, you can utilize all the available features in a variety of ways. For some of the tools, you may have to look for relevant information from the dashboard. Others can provide information on the form of screen popups. It all depends on the particular tool that you choose.

You can also use the search function, which usually comes with numerous filters to find whatever information or data you need. For any tool that might be a bit challenging for you to use, you can always get relevant customer service assistance from their support department or website.

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