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8 Best Podcast Hosting Sites for 2020

Podcasting is undoubtedly more popular than it has ever been. This activity is enjoyed by people from all over the world. All that a podcaster needs is a decent microphone and a host. There are plenty of professional services out there that can distribute audio files to mass audiences. It is very important that both pro and amateur podcast makers choose the right one.

It will make a huge difference in terms of how many listeners they can attain. Over the years, a number of great hosts have emerged. Each has their own reasons as to why they are worth choosing.

The Rise in Podcasts

There are several reasons why podcasts have become so popular in recent years. It is a potentially lucrative activity. If the content is good enough, it is entirely possible for people to make a living from their podcasts. This can be done in a number of ways. The podcaster could advertise products and receive payments from sponsors for doing so.

Alternatively, the listeners themselves may pay for the content through crowdfunding sites. This will give them access to exclusive content. There have also been cases of podcasters selling their content to host sites.

Podcasters have a great amount of creative freedom. Their content can be based around any subject they want, and it is rare for there to be the same kind of interference as in traditional creative industries. This means they can choose a specialist subject that they are particularly interested in or knowledgeable of. No matter how niche the content, there is bound to be a listenership. In order to reach them, the podcaster needs a reliable host.

In the past, traditional radio shows required a large amount of expensive equipment and staff. However, modern-day podcasts can be made by any individual as long as they have a mic. Furthermore, podcasts can be created remotely, increasing their appeal. Anyone can make them with relative ease. However, the market has become saturated. If podcasters want their content to be noticed, they need to pick a host that can be accessed by many listeners.

The Importance of a Good Host

The two main ways that the general public listens to podcasts is through either streaming or downloading. Podcast hosts give creators the platform they need to reach mass audiences. With a professional host, the podcaster can ensure that their content becomes available to a large number of listeners.

Independent podcasters who want to go it alone without the aid of a host will find themselves having to endure an uphill struggle. Entering such a competitive industry solo is not a wise thing to do. It means the user is solely responsible for the creation and distribution of the show. To do this requires a huge amount of technical knowledge and time. It is very rare for podcasters to succeed in this manner. By choosing a good podcast host, the user can delegate much of their valuable time and focus on the creative side of podcasting.

What to Look For in a Good Host

One of the key things to look for in a high-quality podcast host is affordability. Most charge users on a monthly basis. However, individuals may be able to save money by opting for a yearly or even a bespoke plan. Podcasters need to find the right balance of affordability and quality of the hosting service.

Each of them will be catering to users with a different experience level. If users have never made their own podcast before, it is important for them to pick a host focused on novices. On the other hand, experts may find themselves limited by the features of overly simplistic hosts. For this reason, the experience level of the host is a big factor to think about when looking at the many ones on the market.

A key job of all hosts is distributing the content. The user should consider how good the host is at achieving this task. It is worth researching how many listeners they reach, as this will give them a good indication of the quality of the company. They can also check the reputation of each service by reading customer reviews. If the majority of them praise the host, this is a good sign. Finally, the user should ask themselves what the unique selling points of each host are and whether these are relevant to their own goals.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Host

A podcasting host can be a powerful tool, but it is up to the creator to ensure they get the most out of the service. There are several things to keep in mind in this regard. First and foremost, the quality of the content itself should be the priority of the creator. If their show is great, then listeners will be sure to find it through the host service.

In order to ensure the podcast is the best, it can be it is worth investing in a high-quality mic. If the recording sounds amateurish, this can seriously diminish the number of people who the podcast appeals to. This appeal can also be increased by choosing topics and themes that are already very popular. This could include comedy, true crime, sports, and audio fiction.

Many hosts help the user when it comes to marketing. However, it is useful for them to do their own independent advertising. This will further increase the number of potential listeners. Social media is an ideal platform to do this through.

It is also worth monetizing the podcast. Doing so can help pay for the costs of hosting the show, as well as marketing it. We have already covered the main ways that people can make money from their podcasts. Any of these methods are great for supplementing income and making the price of hosting less of an issue. Finally, it is vital that creators only submit content that is copyright free. Otherwise, they run the risk of serious problems down the line. One common mistake is including copyrighted music in the show. Avoiding this is very important.

Great Hosts to Try Out

Now that we have looked at the ins and outs of hosts, as well as the reasons they are needed, it is time to dive into the numerous ones on the market. There is a great amount of choice, which can be overwhelming, especially for first-timers and novices.

Luckily, we have narrowed down the very best hosts around and distilled them into a handy list. We have also analyzed the pros of each. This should arm readers with all the info they need to make their choice.


Buzzsprout is for people who want their podcasting host to be as simple and easy to use as possible. You do not need to be particularly technically minded in order to set up a show through Buzzsprout. The interface is both slick and user friendly. The lack of need for time-consuming setups means that the user can dedicate more time to the creative side of podcasting.

The design of Buzzsprout should also be commended. This is one of the most esthetically pleasing hosts currently on the market. The dashboard, in particular, looks great, mostly due to its simplicity. Despite this, it still has all of the crucial bells and whistles needed to distribute content.

In terms of features, the service is solid enough to achieve important goals. Another benefit of choosing it is the affordable price. This is based on the length of the podcast. So if the user can manage to keep their weekly show under 45 minutes, they will only have to pay $12 a month. The bandwidth limit gives users a fair amount of room, so they will be unlikely to encounter any issues on that front.

Buzzsprout is useful for people who do not know much about file conversion. They can upload any type of audio, and the service will automatically sort out the conversion for them. Alternatively, they can utilize a third-party app in conjunction with Buzzsprout if they want more freedom in terms of file type. Overall the service is both easy to use and powerful enough for the vast majority of podcasters. If users are only interested in creating a single show, then this host is hard to beat.

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Podbean is a veteran company of the podcasting industry. It, therefore, brings with it years’ worth of experience. This will appeal to customers who want to be in safe hands. Even though they are one of the older hosts on this list, Podbean still remains up to date on the latest important trends. The service regularly provides updates and improvements based on new developments. This makes them one of the more attractive hosts to go with.

One of the dangers of choosing a brand new start-up host is that they could very well be out of business in a short amount of time. Many seem attractive at the time but turn out to be a flash in the pan and soon fail to expand. It is much wiser to pick a host that already has a proven track record and continues to grow. That is the main reason for deciding to distribute a podcast through Podbean. Users do not have to worry about gambling with the future of their show.

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The pricing plans for this host is best for creators who want to distribute multiple shows. Users have commended Transistor over how easy it is to port over existing podcasts from other host companies. This process is very straightforward. As other hosts on this list, it is easy enough for most people to use. The layout is fairly clean, and there is a great amount of choice when it comes to customization. If the podcaster is not sure how to perform a task, there are plenty of tutorials to help them out.

Sometimes people are put off from making their own show because they simply do not know how to get started. If this is the case, then Transistor is the right host for them. They make getting started less of a chore. You do not need to be a pro to utilize the service. The need for technical skills is minimized by the simplistic nature of Transistor.

Overall, Transistor is best for beginners who, in the past, have been put off podcasting because they do not know how to begin the process. All of the headaches of starting one are eliminated. Publishing and maintaining a podcast is a breeze. There is even an option to create a website for the show. Each step of podcasting is laid out in a simple to follow manner. Users can keep up to date on the status of their podcast with the useful analytics feature. Transistor is certainly worth every penny.

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Captivate is a relatively new service but has already proved itself to be an excellent way to distribute podcasts. It is fair to say they are one of the very best newer hosts to try out. There are several reasons why this is the case. Like others on this list, the layout is simple enough for anyone to get their head around. This is the case even if they are new to the process of podcasting.

One of the main reasons to go with Captivate is the ability to integrate with other platforms such as WordPress. This can be done with a simple syncing plugin found on the Captivate website. The features are mainly geared towards creating multiple different shows. Some of the great features include “full transparency mode,” “one-click sponsorship,” and “calls to action.”

People who want full creative freedom will be pleased to know that the service does not alter the audio files that are uploaded. There is also a fantastic support network in place, which includes a useful knowledge base and live chat function. The company seems to be very innovative as it is not afraid to try out new and interesting ways to enhance distribution.

Each pay plan tier has solid stats, so even people on a budget can get what they need from the service. Regardless of the plan, customers get access to a great analytical feature. To make distribution easier, Captivate provides a one-page solution so that subscribers of the podcast can find new episodes easily. Users are able to create as many podcasts as they want. Overall, Captivate stands out due to its uniqueness.

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Since its creation in 2005, Blubrry has become one of the most well-regarded hosts in the industry. It sells itself as a service for podcasters by podcasters. The team behind the company recognizes the needs of creators and offers plenty of controls to help their show to grow. Both experts and novices should check this service out if they are interested in starting a new podcast.

A strong community of creative podcasters has grown around Blubrry. They have praised the service thanks to its plugin called Powerpress. This software is great for integrating multiple RSS feeds. It is an invaluable tool for people who want their show to work across different platforms. With Powerpress, the podcast can stream directly from a WordPress page instead of the dashboard on Blubrry.

Whilst this might seem like a very specific function, it is popular with a large number of podcasters. Therefore people who need their show to run seamlessly from WordPress should try out Blubrry. It saves them having to learn to use a brand new interface. This integration even goes as far as being able to run a WordPress page directly from the Blubrry dashboard. Whether podcasters are new to the industry or are already experts, they are sure to get a lot out of this service.

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Castos also offers its own form of WordPress integration with their “Seriously Simple Podcasting” plugin feature. It is used by a huge number of content creators on WordPress. Castos is a premium service for those who are mostly interested in monetizing their podcasts. They provide English transcriptions of podcast episodes and more detailed stats than most companies. Another benefit of choosing them is the unlimited amount of storage available with no extra charge.

When users upload their content, there is no change to the bitrate of the file. This is ideal for podcasts that have a complex, multi-layered sound design. The service makes weekly uploads less of a chore. It is, therefore, best for creators who want to release their content on a regular basis. This is good for those who prefer their shows to be episodic in nature.

Castos will appeal to podcasters who need their workflow to be drastically reduced. Customers pay more than other services on this list, but it is well worth it for the extra features. Users get more for their money than similarly priced competitors. This company is great for setting up a subscription-based podcast.

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One important aspect of creativity that all podcasters value is the ability to have their own voice. The freedom to make the content the way they want is vital for many people in the industry. If this is the case, they should check out this particular service. It helps newbies to grow their work without having to compromise their vision.

Most importantly, it allows user to monetize their podcast in an effective way. With this site, it is very easy to earn a living from making audio content, as long as enough people listen. They offer unlimited podcast hosting as well as a reliable personal support system that is available 24/7. Another fantastic element of is its drag and drop interface. It makes the whole process less time consuming and much more convenient. They give users everything they need to create, grow, and profit from their content on their own creative terms.

PodServe. Fm is perfect for podcasters who are starting out in the industry. The service will distribute their work so that it can reach up to 60,000 listeners a month. Their monthly packages allow for an unlimited number of podcasts. However, the main reason why so many people choose this service is that it gives users free promotions on PodParadise. This is a very useful podcast directory that can make the entire process of show creation hassle-free. Setting up podcasts and getting them listed is straightforward, and their pricing plans are affordable for the average user.

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The listed podcast hosts differ in numerous ways so that there is bound to be a specific one that appeals to individual readers. However, many are also similar in some aspects. They do not cost too much and are simple for anyone to use without any issues.

Podcasting is one of the most recent forms of media and has already become exceedingly popular with internet users across the globe. It does not matter where the listener is in the world. The podcast creator can reach them. Podcasts can be distributed to a nearly infinite degree.

However, in order to spread this content, the creator requires a reliable and powerful podcast host service. Attempting to spread their work without one is almost always destined to fail. Podcast hosts can be seen as a metaphorical middle man between the creator and their audience. It is, therefore, vital that people choose the best host for their own unique creative goals.

The aforementioned hosts are the absolute best ones currently on the market. If podcasters want their work to reach as many listeners as possible, they will need to pick one from this list. Since each one has the same level of overall quality, the creator should analyze individual aspects of each one. It is also worth researching which kinds of podcasters tend to utilize them. Doing so will help creators determine their ideal host. This article has served as a handy guide to help podcasters on their journey. It is also worth doing more in-depth research on the specific hosts that readers are interested in.