Best Native Ads Spy Tools

Irrespective of whether you are just starting your career as an affiliate marketer, or if you have been in this industry for some time, you need to be in the know about essential tools that could give you a competitive edge. Notwithstanding, you need to stay ahead of the latest trends in the industry. If you want to be successful in this industry, you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, you be a step in front of your competitors. You can do this by spying on their ads.

In affiliate marketing, you will be running offers, design run landing pages, and have ad copies that can generate great results by increasing conversions. For instance, there are times you will have to experiment with ad copies and landing pages, hoping to get the best results. The issue with this method is that it is time-consuming, and to get the desired results, you will have to spend a lot of money.

Thus, you will end up putting a lot of effort, time, and money into your work without a guarantee that you will achieve the desired results. Therefore, instead of doing lots of tests manually, it is advisable to spy on ads of your rivals.

Nowadays, you can use different ad spying tools to research on various ads used by your competitors. You can use the tools to develop successful campaigns. In this guide, we will share some top native ad spy tools that you can use to take your affiliate marketing to another level.



Anstrex is undoubtedly one of the best native ads spy tools. You can always count on it in your quest to explore the intrigues used by your competitors. This ad spy tool lets you know your competitor’s marketing strategy, marketing campaigns, ads, and audience targeting.

Furthermore, you will get to know what your competitors are doing and how the customers respond to their actions. Ideally, Anstrex offers invaluable insights on market relevance, depth, competitor analysis, and customer connectivity. Remember that real-time information can help you to change your marketing plans and strategies dynamically.

Anstrex Features

  • Unlimited Customer Data

You should be aware that Anstrex provides key insights on a range of customer details, including their personal information. Other than the information you get, it will also offer you insights regarding your competitor products, and possible reasons why they are popular on the market. You might also get key insights on why customers prefer your competitor’s products to yours. You can use this data to expand your brand’s reach and scope.

  • Launch Unlimited Campaigns

Anstrex makes it easy for you to launch unlimited campaigns and ads for all your products and brands. For instance, you can do content marketing, direct marketing, related marketing, and affiliate offers.

  • Market Trend Visibility

Anstrex allows you to monitor and enhance the visibility of your products and brand. That is because this ad spy tool takes care of search engine marketing, ad campaigns, forums, blogs, and social media. For instance, you can get website ads, banner ads, CPC, and PPC. Customers get to see your brands and products across a wide range of platforms. Ideally, Anstrex offers more visibility, which then translates to more business online.

  • Track Marketing History

You should note that Anstrex has an intelligent system that can track all the past campaigns and even create a database. Therefore, you can use this system to compare the performance of your campaigns for the past month or year.

Is it Legal?

It is completely ethical and legal to use Anstrex as your spy tool. There is nothing to worry about unethical practices or anti-spying practices being imposed on by the government.

Is Anstrex Ads Spy Tool Good?

Yes. This is undoubtedly a top contender as far as ads spy tools are concerned. Anstrex has several tools that are used to test landing pages, real-time marketing, running affiliate campaigns, providing competitor alerts, SEO, and competition analysis.

These features play an important role in ensuring you stay ahead of the competition and get you closer to your potential and existing customers.

It is worth noting that real-time marketing involves more than analyzing trends and tracking potential buyers. It also helps you develop and launch campaigns that increase a sense of necessity among potential customers. For example, you can use Anstrex to launch native advertising and push notifications. In this way, you can capture customers by using proactive measures.


  • Useful for affiliate marketing
  • Direct sales
  • Content marketing
  • Easy to configure and install


  • It can take some time to compile competition data

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Adbeat is another top native ad spy tool you can use. Ideally, it is a PPC marketing tool used to spy on your competitor’s, revealing what is working for your rivals and what is not. This tool provides data from over 100 advertising networks. In this way, you can find those that send profitable traffic. In this way, you can determine the right networks to focus on.

Adbeat Features

  • Search

This feature allows you to look for any given advertiser, keyword, or publisher. You can easily find a marketer who advertises on a given website.

  • Device and Country Data

Ideally, the information you get comes from a lot of countries and various types of mobile devices. Thus, this feature makes it easy for you to know where to base your campaigns.

  • Publisher Data

You can use this tool to find publishers that get a lot of traffic for your rival ads. It is advisable to leverage the data you get before investing your hard-earned money.

  • Campaigns By Ads or Products

You can easily find and compare different ad strategies for various products. Moreover, you can use the information to optimize the campaigns.

  • Create Reports

If you are running a marketing business, you can extract reports in PowerPoint, CSV, and PDF. Also, you can share these reports with your team or clients. The information you get includes analysis of ads, advertiser traffic, top-performing ads, and more.

  • New Campaign Alerts

The truth is that you do not have time to keep checking your competitors what they do each day. Fortunately, Adbeat does the complex and time-consuming tasks for you. You will get alerts as soon as your competitor starts new campaigns.

  • Competitive Benchmarking

Adbeat allows you to get overlay visualizations that help you identify differences and compare ad spend, metrics, and more. Moreover, you can see how your competitors have evolved over the years. They also have recommended advertisers panel where you can get advertisers to work with.

  • Innovative Dashboard

It is easy to visualize and filter valuable data through the innovative dashboard. Moreover, it is responsive, intuitive, and it handles a huge volume of information. The fresh data is organized in different panels that can help you get deep insights.

Is Adbeat Native Ads Spy Tool Good?

Yes. You should note that digital marketing continues to evolve. Thus, it is not sufficient to apply proven strategies to acquire new clients. Since the competition is fierce, you should consider spying on the competitors. Fortunately, Adbeat goes beyond just spying the ads as it provides valuable insights to ensure you make the right decisions that can change marketing campaigns.


  • Free basic account (this is a limited plan)
  • Provides powerful insights
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee


  • A bit pricey
  • Works with a limited number of countries

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PowerAdSpy is probably the most advanced Facebook ads spy tool. You can use this tool to spy on your rivals who use Facebook ads easily. Also, you can use it to understand their strategies and use them for your business.

It does not matter whether you are a freelancer, digital marketer, or entrepreneur; this tool offers you the power you need to filter the ads from huge databases. It analyzes millions of ads in over 15 countries to find those that work for you.

You can search or filter ads by:

  • Demographics: In this case, you can get insights on age, annual income, interests, and even spending patterns. The tool helps you understand the target audience of your competitor. That can help you understand your niche better.
  • Location: The mode of communication comes down to the country, zone, and city where your target market resides. It will help you understand how your competitors communicate with the target audience in various countries. In this way, you can devise your communication strategy to ensure the message is conveyed properly.
  • Advertiser: This tool can help you understand the advertising strategies used by top companies across the world. Thus, the tool allows you to learn from the successful campaigns in your niche and help you come up with the best strategies.
  • Call to Action: There is a need to understand the appropriate call to action for you. Some of the common CTAs include save, shop now, like this page, play, donate, and watch more. This tool will help you discover the best CTAs used by your competitors.

PowerAdSpy Features

  • Powerful Search Algorithm

Timing plays a critical role when it comes to online shopping. As you know, shopping mostly takes place during weekends, festival seasons, and national holidays. You can make use of these opportunities by understanding the strategies that are used by your competitors. You can use the tool to determine the dates they target their ads on and the various offers they come up with.

  • Search Ads with Exact and Relevant Keywords:

It would be great to see your ads displayed when people search for any of your target keywords. You can use this tool to develop ads that are better than your competitor’s. If a competitor shows ad text for a given keyword, you can decide to use image ads instead.

  • Engagement Oriented Details

You can discover ads that have the highest level of engagement in terms of likes, comments, likes, and shares. PowerAdSpy allows you to carry out the analysis and plan your content accordingly.

Is PowerAdSpy Native Ads Spy Tool Effective?

Yes. PowerAdSpy can help you come up with a successful marketing strategy for your business. It helps you to understand what works for you and what is not working. In this way, it gives you a great return on investment. Thus, this tool is highly regarded as far as executing and formulating marketing strategies is concerned. It will provide you with adequate information for both PEST and SWOT analysis. You will get to know who to target, when to target, and how to target.


  • Helps maximize conversions
  • Different packages available
  • Easy to use


  • Facebook focused

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Why use a Native Ads Spy tool?

You may have come across studies reporting that there is a drastic decline in display ad clicks. Although that may be the case, studies have shown that people click more on advertisements that are similar to content. You may also be surprised to learn that readers tend to focus more on the ads than even the content itself. That explains why native ads are quite important to your business. Therefore, it will be a huge mistake not to monitor the native ads of your competitors.

You will need the best native ads spy tools to solve this problem. When you use these tools, you can get the information you need before you set up new ad campaigns, mobile advertisements, and Facebook campaigns. In summary, the tools can help you:

  • Gather information and data regarding what your rivals are doing
  • Optimize the landing pages for better content copy and conversion rate
  • Improve your text copies and advertising images to get high conversions

How to Choose Native Ads Spy Tool

Before you choose a native ads spy tool, you want to ensure that it will meet your needs. Remember that these tools are quite expensive, and you do not want to gamble. Therefore, there are a few things to consider.

  • Features: The right ads spy tool should have the features you need. For instance, it should help you find keywords, locations, offers, and more stuff that your competitors target.
  • Price: As noted above, these tools are quite expensive. Although you need something you cost-effective, cost should not be the primary factor to consider. The right tool will pay for itself through the revenue generated from successful campaigns.
  • Countries: You need to look at the countries the tool covers. Check whether your target country is included. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time and money.

Final Thoughts

The above three are the best native ads spy tools currently on the market. These tools are powerful and can provide you with the data and insights you need to create successful marketing campaigns. Whether you are a merchant, freelancer, or an expert, you need to have the best native ads spy tools. The right tools can take your business to another level.