Best Grammarly Alternatives

Top Seven Grammarly Alternatives for Polishing Your Text

Let no one fool you: Grammarly is one of the best tools for checking plagiarism, spelling, and of course, the grammar of any content, whether it is a blog post or an article, among other forms of content. Still struggling with those minor mistakes such as capitalization, commas, a hyphen, and other rules of writing? With this software, you can create flawless writing pieces and treat your audience to high-quality content. Users also get to enjoy an artificial intelligence-powered writing assistant, which proves useful in creating clear and filler-free content. As if that wasn’t enough, Grammarly allows you to seamlessly work on a wide range of platforms, helping you to identify and fix mistakes when writing tweets, emails, etc. Yes, the tool offers an amazing Chrome extension, which helps with your content needs. And you don’t have to do a download, which is perhaps the best part of the tool. So, you’ll be saving your device of its precious memory.

What else is Grammarly for? The dashboard is intuitive, clean, and well-arranged, allowing you to view all your app integrations, profile, and recent documents. On the dashboard, you can also proofread your texts to remove any mistakes. In summary, Grammarly boasts the following features:

  • Personal dictionary, vocabulary improvement suggestions, performance statistics, and multiple device support
  • It does not require a download and can be added as an extension to a wide range of browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari
  • The tool applies artificial intelligence to find and correct mistakes in your texts
  • A neatly organized dashboard with lots of functionalities, including a plagiarism checker and proofreading
  • It works on virtually every device type, including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android

But why would anyone need a Grammarly alternative despite all the goodies embedded in the tool? Well, it is for some good reasons. And while some people may want to use Grammarly alternatives for a change, here are some valid reasons why you may need to drop Grammarly and opt for one of its alternatives.

  • No tool is perfect, and there comes a time when Grammarly misbehaves. This happens when red underlines appear where there are no mistakes in a text
  • While Grammarly offers a free plan, that does not allow users to unlock the full features of the tool. With the provider charging $29 a month (as of 2020) just for grammar checking, that is a bit on the higher side as compared to its alternatives
  • Grammarly is not as complete as a human proofreader, which means it cannot replace the latter (but no tool can proofread as perfectly as humans anyway)
  • Grammarly uses a somewhat untimely and aggressive advertisement strategy. The provider tends to force users into upgrading, regardless of whether they have fewer requirements or not
  • The tool may not work with all the apps you are using


Top Grammarly Alternatives

With Grammarly having its own downsides, as you may have seen above, your turning to an alternative would be completely justified. Thankfully, the internet is not short in offering such options. In fact, your problem won’t be finding an alternative, but choosing the best alternative from tons of the available options would be the problem. But worry not, because this guide has been written for you. Herein are the best of Grammarly alternatives you could ever lay your hands on. They include WhiteSmoke, Ginger, ProWritingAid, Reverso, PaperRater, 1Checker, and Hemingway App. It is now time to discover the details of each of these tools, one by one. Please note that the tools have not been listed in any specific order; thus, the first tool to be discussed is not necessarily superior to others and vice versa.



Many people tend to put WhiteSmoke at the top of the list of Grammarly alternatives. And while this tool may not be the best of the best in this respect, these people may not be completely wrong either, given the host of features embedded in it and the capabilities it gives users. Just like Grammarly, WhiteSmoke has a powerful algorithm working behind it, and it is this algorithm that gives the tool versatility and efficiency. Besides grammar checking, this software checks and fixes other errors related to components such as writing style, punctuation, and spelling, to mention just but a few.

With WhiteSmoke, you can check tenses, fragments, dangling modifiers, and many other aspects of a sentence. Can’t understand why a particular word is highlighted? This tool takes away that kind of confusion by providing a clear explanation of every highlighted word. Furthermore, the tool offers you suggestions on how to deal with errors. And there is an almost exhaustive list of synonyms from which you can choose the most appropriate words to replace any words that have been inappropriately used in a text.

Looking for writing templates for condolences, resumes, thank you notes, reports, and other forms of writing? With WhiteSmoke, you have at least 100 templates in your possession to help with getting started on the topic of your choice. And that is not all; you could also use this tool to accurately translate your texts from one language to another. The translator supports at least 50 different languages.

In terms of platform compatibility, the tool supports Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and other platforms. You can use WhiteSmoke on Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other browsers. Competitively priced? Yes. WhiteSmoke is a cheaper option than Grammarly, but the latter offers more and better features. But who, in their right mind, would not want to save money? As long as the tool has everything you need to do your stuff, it is pointless to go for a more expensive tool whose features you don’t need them all. As a recap, here are the prominent features of WhiteSmoke:

  • Ability to translate more than 50 languages
  • Checks punctuation, style, spelling, and grammar errors
  • Offers applications for Android and iOS for purposes of enhancing usability
  • High-end customers enjoy phone support
  • Easy integration with other writing platforms
  • Compatibility with MS Office, many browsers, and Gmail
  • Checks plagiarism to ensure a text is unique
  • Different types of errors are highlighted in various different colors, including blue, red, and green
  • More than 100 writing templates

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ProWritingAid is one of the first names that crop up when Grammarly alternatives are mentioned. This tool shares lots of similarities with Grammarly, especially when it comes to writing styles. You could get started with any of the tool’s embarrassment of templates, whether you are a generic writer or an expert writer in a particular niche. But these features can be found in most Grammarly alternatives. So, what exclusive feature really sets ProWritingAid apart? Well, that feature is known as the manuscript editing software. This feature runs across all the pricing plans of the tool, at no extra cost, of course. It allows you to check quite a number of things, including punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling, on top of grammar. The feature also makes it possible to analyze your content based on multiple report types.

ProWritingAid, just like Grammarly, offers a variety of avenues to integrate the tool with your content, instead of using the rather tedious copy-and-paste command. However, the tool beats Grammarly squarely when it comes to the range of integration and content importation tools. As a user, you could link up your ProWritingAid dashboard with your Open Office, Google Documents, WordPress editor dashboard, or social media account (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

Another awesome feature making ProWritingAid be what it is is its ability to not only detect but also remove repetition from a text. Repetition is a common mistake among writers, and it can be difficult to spot it sometimes, especially when dealing with long articles or blog posts. Repetition could do serious harm to your content, especially if you’re writing in a formal tone. As a matter of fact, not even you would want to read redundant content. Thus, it comes with dividends to have a tool, such as ProWritingAid, which will always come to your rescue every time redundancy threatens your content.

Better still, ProWritingAid features a plagiarism checker (on Premium Plus plan). As a content creator, you already know that plagiarism is a “felony” in the world of content creation. It attracts harsh penalties, which may include heavy fines, site blacklisting, and even poor site ranking in search engines. Thus, having a tool that checks the plagiarism of your content is important because it ensures that only unique content ends up on your site. And it is even more useful when you are procuring content or hiring someone else to write content for you. Before accepting any outsourced content, you will want to check it for plagiarism. ProWritingAid will certainly come to your rescue in such a situation.

Additionally, ProWritingAid offers a detailed explanation of your content vocabulary. The tool embeds a thesaurus, which allows you to build your vocabulary and substitute words with the most appropriate ones, depending on the context. The pricing structure is yet another area where this tool shines brighter than Grammarly. Paid plans start at as low as $60 a year (as of 2020; don’t forget that prices can change any time). If you want to save well more than 30% of your yearly subscription, you could opt for the longer three-year plan, which costs only $120. Don’t want to purchase any of these plans? Simply pay a one-time fee of $210 and enjoy the service for the rest of your life.

The following is a summary of the tool’s features:

  • Amazing editor, which is easy to use
  • Supports multiple languages with users in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and other countries all covered
  • Features a plagiarism checker for the Premium Plus plan users
  • Supports third party integrations, including macOS, Safari, Google Documents, Windows, and MS Office, among others
  • Can be used as a Google Chrome extension, just like Grammarly
  • In-built dictionary and synonyms library available
  • Ability to instantly fix any grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Ability to fix style-related mistakes, including repetition, complex sentences, and passive voice

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Want to take advantage of a premium service without spending a buck on it? If that is you, then you need 1Checker. This Grammarly alternative is completely free, yet it allows you to create perfect content, whether it is assignments or articles. It comes in multiple versions; an online option and a download for Mac and Windows. It can also be included in MS Office as an add-on.

To use 1Checker, you must first register. It takes only a short while to become a member of the platform. With this platform, you can proofread your content and eliminate any style, grammar, and spelling issues. The tool uses AI (artificial intelligence) to detect and fix those issues. With this free tool, you get to replace wrongly used words and phrases with the correct ones. This helps in avoiding inappropriate use of words, ensuring that your content communicates exactly what it is meant to do, without confusing the audience.

Once a mistake in your content is identified, the tool will explain it in detail to help you understand what exactly is wrong. Simply upload, paste, or type your text in the tool’s editor and click “Review.” As if to show how efficient 1Checker is, the tool takes only seconds to review and analyze your content for any mistakes. It will then provide suggestions on how to go about fixing those errors. You will also see a report showing everything from word count and vocabulary to text length and structure. And the available host of pre-designed templates is something that must be mentioned. These templates come in handy in communications, businesses, and other fields.

There are two ways to fix errors in your content with 1Checker. The first way is to click on “Apply All,” and all the errors will be fixed. The second option, which is somehow time-consuming yet worth all the effort, is to fix each error one by one. Clicking on every highlighted word will display all the words that could be used as a replacement for the word in question, as well as the descriptions of such words. It is important to use the right words and phrases if you want to remove ambiguity from your content and give it a professional touch. In a nutshell, 1Checker comes with the following features:

  • Supports Outlook, MS Word, Windows 8 applications, and MacOS X
  • Provides a detailed analysis of your text mistakes for improvement
  • Uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and AI (artificial intelligence) technologies
  • Checks multiple types of mistakes, including grammar and spelling
  • The tool’s algorithm is updated regularly (six-week intervals) just to ensure it is current
  • 1Checker is completely free

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Sharing a lot of parallels with Grammarly, Ginger is one of the best choices if you are looking for a tool with lots of personalization options and high accuracy. The tool will be of great help irrespective of the type of content you are writing, whether it is a press release or something else. Additionally, the software’s simplicity is yet another attractive feature of Ginger. Interestingly, the tool does not compromise any of its important features despite offering such a simple interface, whose understanding requires little to no efforts. Thus, it is a handy choice for both software masters and newbies.

You can choose to use Ginger either in American or British English, depending on your needs. This Grammarly alternative is known to track and analyze your texts, before providing you with a host of suggestions to help with getting rid of any errors in your text. As to how to fix the errors is a matter of your own choice. You can decide to either take advantage of the “Approve All” feature, which enables you to fix everything pronto, or you could implement only some of the suggestions and add your own fixes.

From Chinese and Hindi to French and Russian, Ginger’s translator supports more than 60 different languages. Just as it is with Grammarly, it is possible to create your own personal dictionary with Ginger. A personal dictionary means that the words included in that dictionary will not appear as errors in the software. This makes the tool even more efficient. And sentence rephrasing suggestions are also available to save you time and effort when it comes to fixing your writing mistakes.

Complementing Ginger’s adorable features is the software’s compatibility with browsers, such as Safari and Google Chrome and platforms such as Windows, Android, and macOS, all included. Add to this the flexibility of its pricing, and you end up with almost a perfect Grammarly alternative. The free plan offered here may not contain all the features offered by Ginger premium, but it is not short of the basics.

Take advantage of all the features of this tool when you upgrade to its premium version. Here, you can pay in three ways; monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Opting into the monthly plan would mean paying $8.96 per monthly, while the yearly plan sets you back an average of $3.74 per month. With the latter plan, you can claim back your money within seven days of purchase, if you think the tool did not live up to your expectations, that is. Ginger features can be summarized as shown below:

  • Supports practice sessions for error analysis and removal
  • Sentence rephrasing suggestions for good readability
  • Supports real-time proofreading during typing
  • Features a translator which supports 60+ different languages
  • Available for web browsers, MS Office, Android, iOS, and desktop
  • Offers a free plan with limited features

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Reverso is not only one of the best Grammarly alternatives in the market but also one of the most reliable tools for checking grammar. Designed to meet your writing needs, Reverso features all the basics you need to create a flawless text. Its fast and accurate translator is one of its highlights. The translator uses what is known as Neural Machine Translation, a technology that ensures efficient text translation.

With Reverso, your text will be revised thoroughly, and all the spelling errors will be eliminated, thanks to the tool’s integrated spell checker, which works automatically. If you want to know how words should be pronounced, you will certainly want to take advantage of the tool’s pronunciation feature. Use Reverso’s fully integrated dictionary to find synonyms for words and enrich your vocabulary.

Reverso can translate your text into many languages, including Russian, Arabic, French, German, and many more. For purposes of polishing your grammar skills, this tool has a knowledge base where you can learn lots of topics, such as prepositions, adverbs, verbs, tenses, and even French grammar rules. Here is a summary of Reverso features:

  • Real-time proofreading
  • The tool can be accessed without an internet connection
  • Ability to teach correct native-speaker pronunciations
  • Fast translations in several different languages
  • Allows you to view search history and reverse translations
  • Features a knowledge base on various different aspects of grammar

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Want a tool that allows you to proofread and correct grammar errors in your text without signing up? If yes, then PaperRater is for someone like you. The tool does not require you to sign up to use it. Simply visit the website and paste your content in its editor and then sit back. It uses data science and artificial intelligence to analyze your content and find errors in real-time. In just a few seconds, all the errors in your text, including sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors, will be pointed out, and you will be able to fix them accordingly. Having a cloud server-based algorithm, PaperRater lets you make use of the software anytime and anywhere.

PaperRater considers various different factors in grading your text syntax. This allows you to know what type of audience can best be targeted by your content. As you type or paste your content into PaparRater’s editor, the tool’s artificial intelligence feature will begin to work instantly, checking the content for grammatical mistakes, as well as sentence mistakes. And not just that, as you will also be able to see suggestions on how to correct the mistakes to enhance your text.

You can use PaperRater for free or pay for the service. While the free plan restricts your access to certain features, that should not discourage you as you can upgrade to a premium version and gain access to virtually every feature of the tool. Advanced features such as faster processing, file upload, and enhanced plagiarism checker are some of the reasons why you may want to go for the paid version of the tool. Other noteworthy features of the premium plan include text translation, a personal dictionary, and a vocabulary builder. You can grab your premium plan for just $7.48 per month. If you want to save more, you can decide to pay annually. This would amount to $3.48 per month on average, that is. But even so, free users can submit up to 50 texts per month, and they can check plagiarism 10 times a month.

In brief, PaperRater comes with the following features:

  • Offers a free version as well as a premium version
  • Comes with a vocabulary enhancement feature
  • You don’t need to sign up to use the tool
  • PaperRater is a web-based tool; you don’t need a download
  • Checks content for errors in real-time
  • AI-powered tool
  • Plagiarism checker offers citations
  • Displays readability stats
  • Features automated text scoring module
  • Passive voice detection

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Hemingway App

Hemingway App

If you use this tool, you will realize that it has lots of differences as compared to Grammarly. While Grammarly focuses on punctuation and spellings, Hemingway App focuses more on readability. True to its word of keeping texts bold and clear, the tool thoroughly analyzes your content for filler copy, adverb errors, complex words, and passive voice to ensure you treat your audience to near-perfect content. The app uses different colors to highlight the mistakes in your text, allowing you to easily know which parts of your text contain which type of errors.

Once the mistakes have been highlighted, Hemingway App will provide some actionable advice on fixing the mistakes and improving the readability of the text. Each tested text is awarded a readability score, which will help you to understand how the content will be received by your audience.

If you are using the app’s desktop version, you will be able to publish your text directly into either Medium or WordPress. You will also be able to type and save your text without any interruption. And you can also export the text in several different formats if you want.

With Hemingway App, you can format your text right in the editor dashboard. Grammarly will not allow you to do that; thus, the former deserves credit on this one. You could add such things as underlines, italics, links, and even bold to your content. Summarized, Hemingway App’s features include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Distraction-free typing mode
  • Focus on content readability
  • You can save texts
  • Can be integrated with Medium and WordPress
  • Ability to export documents in markdown or Word formats
  • Allows document sharing
  • Allows you to format documents in the editor dashboard

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Wrapping Up

Now that you have known some of the best Grammarly alternatives, you should be able to choose at least one of the tools, just in case you want to shift from Grammarly. Using any of these tools will help you to polish your texts into flawless pieces, making them more professional and readable. And while none of these tools can replace Grammarly, they do offer the best ways to improve your writing in cases where you don’t want to use Grammarly. However, the good news is that these tools can be used alongside Grammarly.