Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools (Free and Paid)

Facebook Ads Spy Tools

Facebook users are increasingly looking out for Facebook Ads Spy Tools that are not only effective in their niche but can also help them get high converting social traffic to their offers at minimal costs per click. What exactly is the use of these tools in internet marketing? As a Facebook advertiser, it’s critical that you understand the use of various Facebook ad spy tools, how they can help you get new opportunities in your advertising campaigns, and how you can utilize them to create winning campaigns for your businesses.

History of Facebook ad spy tools

The use of Facebook ad spy technology began in early November 2007 and continues to morph into an advertising powerhouse for online marketers and brands. Since then, the Facebook ads spy tools have transformed in several ways. Users now have a variety of options to choose from based on their campaign objectives, formats, placements, audiences, and target options.

Facebook ad spy is thus a highly sought after and competitive landscape for marketers and their associates, as they understand the revenue potential that the business can deliver to their ventures. Although this may render Facebook as an expensive source of traffic for buying, it’s still a favorite of many CPA affiliates. This is due to its amazingly high ROI and precise targeting options.

You can create a well-structured campaign that’s well optimized for your offers and still get traffic from as low as $0.01 CPC. However, this approach is very involving as you have to find the sweet spot that offers high earnings per click (EPC) and conversion rates for your business. To achieve this, consider the following options.

  • Have a separate budget of let’s say $1,500 per ad group per campaign. Try every possible combination of campaign objective, placements, ad copy, creatives and targeting options available to see what best suits your niche.
  • Alternatively, you can choose a smart route and utilize Facebook ad spy tools to cut on the usage of time and money.

This is what you need to create the necessary ad intelligence to borrow ideas that you can apply to your offers. Also, it allows you to set up your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your business.

What are Facebook Ads Spy Tools?

Most people do not understand that Facebook ad spy tools are due to the misconceptions surrounding them. Still, others think that it’s as simple as copy-pasting their competitors’ campaigns and generate quick money. While you may find it useful for a couple of days, it’s only effective for a short period.

Taking your competitor’s message word-for-word cannot work in your ads. Whereas you may attract a couple of clients, you risk portraying yourself as inauthentic and contributing to the unwanted traffic. This is likely to turn off your target audience instead of increasing the sales of the product that you’re promoting.

The design of Facebook ad spy tools is such that they show you exactly what your business rivals are doing, how they utilize social media ads effectively and efficiently in their campaigns. By using such tools, you everything that works for your business, ranging from the audience lists, targeting options, ad copy and creatives.

It’s important to note that these tools are not used to copy verbatim your competitor’s business model in entirety. However, you can use them to replicate your competitor’s business model, improve on it and come out as the best service provider to your target customers. As you do this, strive to be creative by crafting a unique message and delivering it in a manner that resonates with your target audience, in a way that puts you ahead of the rest.

You can create your success by learning the formula rather than copying your rival’s campaign strategy. And this where you need Facebook ads spy tools to achieve your targets. Utilize them wisely and join the elite league of other marketers.

What are some of the advantages of using Facebook ads spy tools?

Besides offering you a new level of understanding and awareness regarding your progress right down to the granular level, it also helps you gain perspective over the entire advertising landscape. In some instances, it may beneficial to monitor your competitors’ campaigns to know the kind of landing pages that they’re employing in which GEOs, assess the quality of their products and services, and understand the nature of their sales page copy.

Therefore, a Facebook ad style tool gives you the leeway to analyze your competitors’ strategy from every facet. That way, you’re able to have your comparable strategy and outmaneuver them at their gain. You have a chance to borrow ideas, see the current trends and assess what will work in the long run. These strategies are crucial in creating unique campaigns capable of establishing your unique position in the business arena.

The reversal of engineer competitor campaigns is a shortcut to success. Still, it aids you in discovering the latest offers as well as design opportunities that you not have conceived on your own. It gives a chance to study the kind of content that your competitors’ post, the type of links and CTA’s that they’re using, the level of engagement with the audience concerning the different types of content on the ad. This is certainly a sure way of gaining an incredible advantage in your campaigns.

Beyond spy tools

The use of Facebook ads spy tools does not mean that you should not be explorative. Go the extra mile beyond the rabbit hole and discover what lies there. It may be a good idea to sign up to your competitors’ lists, register with their CPA offers and delve into what takes place behind the scenes. Essentially, the Facebook ads spy tools act as a getaway to a whole new world of exploration.

However, you must know that a Facebook ad spy tool won’t do everything for you. Therefore, as an internet marketer, it’s up to you to discover new angles using in-depth research that will grant you an edge over other players. As a marketer, you ought to look at social ads as a long-term venture rather than a nexus to overnight riches. As with other businesses, your returns are dependent on your input. In as much as these tools are crucial in the provision of useful data, don’t be over-reliant to them expecting them to perform every task.

Types of Facebook ad spy tools

There are numerous types of Facebook ads spy tools, and their application and usage may vary depending on the needs of an individual. Consider the following:


Modern digital marketing often involves monitoring competitors to create superior campaigns. Macaw focuses on analyzing rival companies’ strategies and detailed information on each of their ads is displayed on the app. Analytics can then be used to come up with new marketing strategies.

Whilst some ad spy tools solely monitor Facebook, Macaw has a broader reach. It can be used to analyze other useful platforms. This includes Twitter, Instagram and myTarget. Users are able to view some of the most successful and creative campaigns in order to get inspiration for their own ads.

Macaw serves as a social network ad library. It contains a database full of millions of ads that is constantly updated. The app claims to be available across all existing formats and possible geographies. It is the ideal service for marketers who want to look at ads from all over the world.

When it comes to the preparation and testing of ad campaigns, marketers will want an app that can save them both time and money. Macaw manages to achieve this by finding the relevant ads, filtering out ones that are irrelevant and only showing those that are most fit for purpose. Macaw customers therefore do not need to waste time needlessly sifting through them.

There are numerous filters in place to make the search more personalized. Users can search either by text, link or geographical location. They are also able to download images, videos and even entire ads.

Macaw could be used by customers to gain insights on the mobile advertising market. This is especially important for those who want to keep up with recent trends. Advertisers can track the ways that agencies and contractors advertise their products. The conversion rates of media buyers could be improved if they use Macaw to find the best performing creatives.

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Most users have rated PowerAdSpy as one of the most powerful Facebook ads spy tools around. It solely focuses on Facebook ads and has effectively refined the art of spying on the rivals’ Facebook ads. As such, it grants you access to crucial actionable data for your ad campaigns.

PowerAdSpy is built by Affiliates for Affiliates. You’ll confirm the validity of this adage when you gain access to their elaborate e-Commerce Ad database which features over six million ads across 15 countries. PowerAdSpy helps you to spy on your rivals’ ads and extract useful data such as landers, trackers, ad type, creatives, and keywords.

Still, it helps you spy on your competitor’s ads to determine the number of comments, shares, likes or impressions that they received. Therefore, it puts you in a position where you can decide which of your rivals’ ads to copy as you already have a projection of how your ad will likely perform on Facebook.

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This is another powerful Facebook ads spy tool that enables you to tap into an ad database with millions of ads. However, these millions of ads are irrelevant if you do not know exactly what you’re after.

As a reliable Facebook ad spy tool, AdSector features one of the best and comprehensive search mechanisms. Users can search advertisers, publishers, and keywords and sort the results based on age, position, country, gender, and feature.

If CPA and affiliate marketing is your forte, then AdSector’s tracking system comes in handy when tracking and returning your ads which feature an inbuilt tracking system. Besides, you can use the Affiliate Network Tool to determine what other affiliates prompt in your ad campaigns. Another important feature is the e-Commerce Platform that is capable of making your shipping a breeze.

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This is one of the Facebook ad spy tools that have dominated the industry for a while. This is a key feature for consideration when choosing a reliable Facebook ad spy tool since spy tools are usually shut down after a few years for violating any of the standing orders and regulations.

iSpionage is more of an SEO than a PPC marketing tool. They have intuitive tools that you can use to run keyword monitoring, PPC ad campaigns and domain, and keyword research. Moreover, you’ll have access to:

  • Average search volume
  • Competitor’s Ad Copies
  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
  • Keyword-driven Ad Copies
  • List of top overlapping keywords
  • Total Keyword count

The above information is enough to help you make critical decisions when creating winning ads. iSpionage is the perfect spy tool to simplify PPC since PPC ad campaigns rely on keywords.

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Connectio is one of the most reliable Facebook spy tools in the market. This software has a set of tools that you can use to optimize your Facebook and social media marketing strategies. The tool features Connect Explore, Connect Retarget, Connect Leads and Connect Audience. The following are some of the ways through which these tools work to optimize your ad campaigns.

  • Connect Audience: With this tool, you can connect your subscribers to your Facebook manager. Thereafter, you can customize an ultra-targeted audience to suit your specifications. Every time you want to advertise, you can narrow down your campaign to specific audiences with specific offers. This approach helps you save time and money as you think about the needs of your audience. This way, you only serve your clients’ offers that are likely to trigger responses.
  • Connect Retarget: If you want to increase conversions using minimal investments, then connect retarget is the best approach to use. The rule of the thumb in advertising is that a consumer is likely to see an ad seven times before reacting to it. Furthermore, a retargeted client is four times more likely to convert based on the fact that they saw the same ad before
  • Connect Leads: Connectio allows you to fully automate the process of adding the latest leads to your subscriber list. Through connect leads, new clients are automatically added to your subscriber list. Instinctively, potential clients on Facebook click to subscribe. Thereafter, connect leads automatically retrieves their data and adds it to your subscriber list without necessarily typing in their contacts such as email addresses. Later, the tool adds clients to your autoresponder where they’ll automatically get your targeted ads.
  • Connect Explore: When determining your audience’s interests, this tool is effective in taking the guesswork out of the equation. To start with, connect explore helps you to discover untapped Facebook interests that are essential in putting you ahead of the competition. Secondly, it offers you an in-depth analysis of the exact aspects to focus on in your marketing venture. Thirdly, you’re able to assess which interests in your marketing venture get more impressions. Lastly, the tool is ideal in filtering and targeting the ripest leads and conversions.

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Whether you are a publisher, an agency, an advertiser or run ad networks, Adbeat has something extraordinary. This Facebook ad spy tool boasts the most updated and extensive repository of advertiser information. Its main emphasis is on display marketing, and not on search engine optimization. The tool gathers data from 26 countries and more than 90 ad networks across five different devices such as iPhones, Android, Android Tab, iPad, and Desktop.

Since the mobile intel is still in beta mode, this tool only supports mobile and desktop ads in the US alone. Therefore, users in other parts of the world only enjoy desktop ad support. This tool’s mode of operation involves raw data collection, web crawling, and simple data visualization. It can help you easily break down even some of the most complex ad formats such as HTML5 ads, page take-overs, interstitials, and proprietary native ad widgets, among others.

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Native Ad Buzz



Native Ads are the new Facebook ad spy tools that enable stealth-advertise to subscribers, and it is working very well. Every e-Commerce business wants to join the Native Ads. On-demand cleaning by maids in Arizona. Therefore, the demand for an effective spy tool for Native Ads has skyrocketed in the recent past.

This Facebook ad spy tool focuses on simplifying the troubled landscape of Native Ad campaigns and provides simple solutions. Although most spy tools want to integrate advanced search options, Native Ad Buzz uses a different approach. It only emphasizes areas that are relevant to you and your campaign.

For instance, the Native Ad Buzz provides a package that allows you to customize your focus to English ads only. As such, you can direct the same ads to different countries or regions based on the language spoken such as English-speaking countries only. These kinds of features are invaluable when deciding exactly what you want to execute.

From the top 10 leading networks including Gravity, Yahoo, Outbrain, and Taboola, you can discover the best-performing ads. Native Ad Buzz is available in twelve countries, including the major ones.

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Social Peta



To gain big success, you require corresponding big data. Social Peta pits itself as the number one largest ad creative database in the market. Social Peta harnesses ad power from various platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Unity, Twitter, Facebook, and Twitter. Besides, it grants you access to marketing analysis from leading mobile networks, as well as the ads that they promote through the networks. Still, you get to view insights on marketing strategies of leading ad campaigns, trending apps, and new releases.

It’s possible to study more than five million advertisers from 50 countries include all the main ones. Social Peta’s database helps you gain insight into advertisers that you may not have heard of, thus expanding your niche.

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The creators of this Facebook ads spy tool had social media marketing as their core objective, particularly about PPC. With this tool, you can spy on your rivals’ ad content and campaigns and monitor their performance on various social media platforms inclusive of the comments, shares, backlinks, and impressions.

TrackMaven thus allows you to personalize your competitor’s contents and ads, making it possible to benefit from the same funnels. However, it’s imperative to search for the industry-specific analysis that highlights which social media platforms are likely to work best for your campaign. It also points out potential competitors who dominate those platforms.

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There’s a reason why AdPlexity gained popularity as the best Facebook spy tool in the market. One of the reasons is that this tool is as sneaky as it comes. With it, you can track and learn about ad campaigns that operate on both mobile carriers and desktops.

Present in around 75 countries including all the major ones, AdPlexity is undoubtedly a widely used tool. For this reason, it gives you a true picture of all the lucrative ad campaigns that you need to check out. When you use Ad, anticipate gaining access to an array of pop-under ads and downloadable landing pages running on x-rated portals.

Still, you will get entrance on the 120 carriers feature which highlights all the top-secret ad campaigns running on mobile network traffic around the world. With access to this kind of data, you are assured of selecting the profitable ad campaigns to integrate into your business, enabling the product to work behind mobile ads and Facebook much easier.

Associate marketers prefer Adplexity for the 100 affiliate Networks feature. AdPlexity is thus an incredible Facebook ad spy tool that lines up the ads which are marketing affiliate offers. The tool allows you to access all of them in a single click. Nevertheless, explore their extensive filters to search for specific results based on publisher, keywords, advertisers and affiliate networks.

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With Whatrunswhere, be sure to learn anything that your competitors are doing, at what time and their location. They have data that runs on 7 countries and 500 ad networks. This Facebook spy tool, you can access all the top-successful ads running on various domains. Moreover, you can find out your competitors’ ads in your niche and their keywords, the type of ads that they’re running and where they are running the ads from.

Whatrunswhere operates on 140 mobile networks and 150 display networks. Users can search and filter ads by tops ads, advertisers, publishers, and keywords.

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The current rage in the advertising arena is spurred by Native Ads. Most advertisers go for Native Ad campaigns that work. Therefore, getting a Native Ad Spy tool is of monumental significance. AdVault crafted itself out of the crowded field of Facebook ad spy tools to emerge as one of the best Native Ad Spy tools in the industry. It can spy on 13 major ad networks in about 19 countries.

One of Advault’s key promotional features is its free ad credits offered by seven major native ad networks. The first deposit alone earns you $2,300 worth of free ad credits. Other impressive features include the following:

  • Analytical data on Ads such as Ad strength, country, device, first seen, last seen, site placement, and times seen
  • Easily distinguish between affiliates and direct advertisers
  • Easy Ad search by tag line, URL, keywords, and publisher
  • An enhanced filtering tool that covers ad networks, country, date range, and redirects, device, language, minimum ad strength, minimum Facebook shares, minimum publishers, and minimum times seen.
  • The option to save competitors landers, ads, and creative

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Usually, the sneaky and non-invasive ads are cleverly put within the content to cushion the user from bombardment. Anstrex, therefore, is a Facebook ad spy tool that enables you to view the best-performing online Native ads, your rivals’ Native ads, and any other ad that runs on different networks. Such an analysis is crucial in monitoring what works best for other businesses as well.

Anstrex, therefore, offers you access to an enormous native ads database boasting over ten million native ads and landing pages from 15 countries and 27 ad networks. Anstrex is a push notification symbol that is relatively new but has already gained numerous positive reviews. The tool is available in 92 countries.

Anstrex helps you do the following:

  • View what all other major push notification networks are doing
  • Gain entry into the rivals’ CPC bid history, creative and landing pages
  • Lead you to where your rivals are gaining interaction from using Alexa
  • Put to test any of your competitors’ landing pages before relaying it, using it, customizing it or ripping it.

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SEMrush is a notable Facebook spy ad tool with a difference. It offers comprehensive solutions to your business campaign needs that cover keyword implementation, backlinks, content marketing, ad campaigns, PPC, SERP, SEO, and social media, among others.

Essentially, SEMrush is ideal for seasoned e-Commerce marketers and businessmen who are after boosting their ventures in conversions and traffic. If you are a beginner, you must first understand how SEO works, as well as all other aspects of internet marketing before you find SEMrush as an effective tool.

As a Facebook ad spy tool, SEMrush breaks down the mode of operation of your competitors’ ads. It does this by ranking their top-ranking keywords and content that drives the traffic. Armed with this kind of information, you can conveniently and effectively customize your content to fit in the same criteria and help you content to rank as well.

Besides providing you access to your rivals’ trending pages; it also grants you access to the following:

  • The best-ranking keywords as used by your rivals
  • Information and analytics of your keywords concerning their Google search locations
  • Your rivals’ best-selling products, which you can also feature them in your store as well
  • All the methods and avenues where your competitors source their backlinks
  • The appropriate keywords to integrate into your content, blog or ads to rank

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Arguably one of the finest Facebook ad spy tools in the market, SpyFu focuses on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and SEO. Well-orchestrated and with a wealth of tools, these tools can help you to understand PPC ads through keyword searches. Some of the outstanding features in SpyFu include the following:

  • Domain Ad History
  • Keyword Ad History
  • Keyword Smart Search
  • SpyFu Classic
  • SpyFu Kombat
  • Top 100 Lists

Domain Ad History

After identifying the major player in the PPC forum, you can employ the domain ad history tool to verify keywords that have performed well for that domain. Still, search for and subsequently leave out keywords that didn’t generate desired results. Domain ad history is a tool that works well if you run it on the PPC domain that complements your type of business.

Keyword Ad History

This tool plainly and simply demonstrates how the keyword performs in your desired domain. It helps you to verify, using the color-coded chart, the frequency of the word usage. Using the bonus history button, you can access the keyword’s history dating back as far as 2006. The tool detects any changes in the keyword by the competitor.

Using this tool provides you with the clearest indication of how your competitors’ keywords pan out over time. The available data is critical in making a decisive move to either include or discard any keyword that you were thinking of.

Keyword Smart Search

This tool is effective in generating ad-worthy keywords depending on how you want them to be. To achieve this, the Keyword Smart Search tool employs semantics, existing result-driven keyword data and cost-per-click (CPC) campaign data. It allows you to enter as many as ten suggestions and filter the results by search volume and CPC.

SpyFu Classic

If you want to know how extensive SpyFu search tools can go, then engage SpyFu Classic. To utilize it, submit a domain name to gain access to loads of data such as:

  • Top ten most lucrative keywords plus the Keywords’ Ad history
  • Total of paid and organic keywords
  • Subdomains to help you in finding those rare niche keywords
  • SpyFu Kombat links
  • expected value of organic traffic factoring in CPC
  • Organic and PPC competitors inclusive of a link to overlapping keywords
  • projections of organic traffic versus paid traffic
  • Average number of Ads versus Advertisers

Besides that, you can as well enter a keyword that will generate results including:

  • Approximated clicks, cost per day for all trending keywords, PPC, and gross advertisers,
  • List of ten most successful domains containing the keyword in their ads
  • Related categories, keywords, and concepts
  • Sample PPC ad with a link to Keyword success history
  • 10 leading organic results inclusive of Titles and Meta Descriptions

SpyFu Kombat

This tool shows you a selection of three websites as well as the keywords currently under the bid. Further, you can get a chart transcending over a few years indicating PPC keywords under the bid by the three websites. Still, you can refine your research by focusing on two of the three websites that resonate well with your interests.

Top 100 Lists

SpyFu features an extensive top 100 lists consisting of domains, leads, custom lists and keywords.

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This is a cloud-based affiliate tool created by Hootsuite. If you are running a small or medium-sized business, then this is the best Facebook ad spy tool for you. It’s one of the most sought-after ad spy tools in the market today.

With this tool, you can split all the elements of your Facebook ad individually, to discover geographic locations, demographics, and creativity. You can utilize AdEspresso for both IG and FB ad campaigns. To achieve this, you need to create and execute A/B testing, get easy-to-access visual analytics, and get daily actionable recommendations that you can use to personalize your current ad campaigns.

Besides the amazingly easy-to-use drag and drop function, be sure to also enjoy the synchronization software that connects your Facebook ad account to the current customer relationship management (CRM).

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Magic Adz


This tool is ideal for those who want the most lucrative campaigns. MagicAdz is crucial in exploring ads in e-commerce companies, marketing, and affiliate and non-affiliate networks. By proper extensive research and drawing insights through competitor spying, you can create effective and appealing ads. Therefore, this software allows you to test run your ads and gauge their performance.

The following are some of the key features that MagicAdz offers:

  • Track your competitors
  • Search by keywords used inside ads, landing pages, and comments
  • Find affiliate ads
  • Find Ad Info & Performance statistics
  • Filter by the audience and ad type by and engagement
  • Explore millions of Facebook Ads by keywords
  • Explore ads by browsing through ads from the archive

Still, with this Facebook ad spy tool, you can sort ads according to the newly scanned, first scanned, oldest scanned, most shared, most commented and most liked.

MagicAdz has various pricing plans as outlined below:

  • Essential that goes for $99 per month per client
  • Pro plan, mostly for businesses that require e-commerce and affiliate ads @ $199 per month per client
  • Premium plan to navigate full funnels, Ecom’s and affiliate ads and offers for $299 per month per client
  • Enterprise plan for large companies and agencies seeking custom solutions at $749 for multiple users

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Pay-Per-Click is a concept that is widely used in e-Commerce marketing due to its good rate of return and competitiveness. AdSpy thus plays a critical role as a Facebook ad spy tool capable of seeing you through the turbulent waters of PPC marketing.

This software boasts comprehensive search options and offers the most search options of any ad intelligence tool in the industry. It allows you to search for ads depending on the comments, impressions, user reactions, text, URL or page name.

Still, the functions give you a provision to filter your results based on an affiliate network, landers, offer ID and affiliate domain. Therefore, you can see the technology used to create the landing page, landing page screenshots like over time and affiliate tracking insights.

This software features numerous ads, in the excess of 69 million spread across 197 countries, and 88 different languages. However, AdSpy’s most outstanding feature that puts it above the rest is its enhanced basic search capability. If you’re a beginner to e-Commerce and marketing, then this is the right tool for you.

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Social Ad Scout

Social Ad Scout

Social Ad Scout is a formidable Facebook ad spy tool that provides a comprehensive service. It searches all social media platforms to trace the best trending ads for your review. Also, it endeavors to accommodate all types of ads in their campaigns including those elusive sliding ads, images, and videos.

One unique feature with this software is that it’s the only spy tool capable of identifying and logging similar ads featured on both mobile and PC platforms. It thus enables you to view and copy the backend creative including adjustments made from the mobile ad to the PC ad.

Social Ad Scout has some phenomenal features including:

  • The ability to view competitors’ landing pages and even download them
  • Insights into Live Ads such as screenshots and interactions
  • Exact details of your target audience such as gender, age, geographic location, and demographics
  • Displays comprehensive insights into any Ad including times seen, time posted, ranking, impressions, who saw it, and the devices they used
  • Accommodates all Ad aspects including content, video, and images,

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For those starting or are working on a budget, but still want to invest in competitive intelligence research tools, they ought to consider BigSpy as their Facebook ad spy tool of choice. Even though it is not as refined as other players on the market, it’s well worth the service.

Yes, some of its competitors are popular for their feature-rich mechanisms, but BigSpy still offers that crucial information needed to conduct your online marketing and e-commerce ventures. Search by marketing objectives and CTA, and discover the top as well as the trending creatives in your niche.

BigSpy is specifically ideal if you intend to run a handful of campaigns without incorporating all the whistles and bells found in the premium tools.

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Swipe-Worthy is the most appropriate to use when collecting your rivals’ ads and deriving inspiration to make your campaigns. Unlike other tools that steal competitors’ campaigns, this Facebook ad spy tool focuses on breaking down the dynamic elements of an ad to see how it works.

This is the best tool for marketers who want to learn the value of great ad copy and provides some incredible insights into why a certain ad set is performing well in a given niche. It offers you a chance to learn everything from writing effective ad copy, breaking down a campaign into elements, split-testing, and analyzing the message carried in the ad.

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Online and e-commerce advertising are hard to execute if you do not have the relevant Facebook ad spy tools. Although it may be expensive to acquire some of them, they are indispensable in the long run. The advertisement landscape is ever-evolving, and you have to move along with it.

If you’re a novice, then it is recommended to go for cheap or free Facebook ad spy software. You may find them lacking some fancy and advanced features, but they will offer you a thorough understanding of how the tools function. However, as you gain and horn your technological skills, you can always upgrade to the more sophisticated ones.