5 Reasons to Clean Your Email List Today

A majority of businesses now use emails as among their main channels of marketing. That is mostly because of how effective email marketing is, yet not as expensive as other forms of marketing are. There is quite a lot that you need to do, including cleaning your email list regularly to ensure that your email marketing campaigns are effective.

Email list cleaning refers to removing or categorizing contacts based on factors such as responsiveness. Cleaning an email list should be done from as early as when you start to get contacts, regardless of the type of company that you are running, as long as it has an online presence. Exactly how often you should clean your list will depend on several factors, including the number of contacts and email open rates, among others.

There are numerous email services available, which you can make use of to make the entire email list cleaning fast and easy for your company. You need to consider several factors when choosing which service to work with to ensure that you make the most of your email marketing campaign.

For example, you can consider the prices charged. The prices are usually based on either the size of the email list that needs to be cleaned or the duration that you will require the service. Other factors that you should consider are the reputation, report type, and capacity of the provider.

There are numerous reasons why you should clean your email list. The top five reasons why you should do it today are highlighted below.

1. To Reduce Your Email Marketing Costs

In as much as email marketing is a relatively cheaper marketing alternative compared to other options that are nearly as effective, it still does cost some money to get it done effectively. The amount of money that you spend towards email marketing will significantly determine the amount of profit that your company can realize from the sales that will originate from email marketing campaigns. It is thus essential to keep the costs to a minimum to maximize profits.

One of the effective ways to reduce email-marketing costs is maintaining good email list hygiene. A majority of the email services usually charge for their services based on the number of emails sent out. That includes dummy accounts and unresponsive ones. By cleaning your email list, you will be left with only the accounts that can potentially lead to a sale in the future. That means that you will be paying for only the emails that belong to your targeted audience.

The process of email cleaning can also include segmentation, which means that it allows you easier targeting. Segmentation thus helps you to save time as well, when sending out emails to targeted subscribers.

2. To Improve the Statistics and Ratings

Your email list can be a source of a wide range of statistics, which are usually a good reflection of how your business is performing, or how effective your marketing campaigns are. As a business, you should target to improve the statistics at all times. Email list cleaning is one of the ways to do so. Various email marketing services can get you the relevant information and reports so that you can determine if and when to perform email list cleaning.

Generally, an average email list can depreciate by up to 30% within a year. That is taking into account that individuals in a list can switch jobs, lose interest in your product or service, become financially unable to be a client, change email providers, or even unsubscribe from your newsletter. That indicates the percentage amount of your investment in email marketing that might be going to waste in a year without email list cleaning. The statistics that will help show this include bounce rate, number of spam complaints, and email-open rate.

Investing in email list cleaning services will help you get rid of such contacts, or categorize them so that you do not have to spend much of your marketing budget on them.

3. To Avoid or Reduce Number of Spam Complaints

Your email list subscribers can mark your emails as spam or use an email filter to put your emails in the spam folder. Many of the programs used for email filtering will automatically place your emails in the spam folder if the subscriber does not open several of your recurrent emails. The subscribers will most likely not open their spam emails, which means that your marketing efforts will not work on them. Others may even launch a complaint or request for your company to stop sending the emails to them.

Spam complaints can harm your business in a variety of ways. For example, it can hurt the reputation of your domain, resulting in poor ranking on search engines and reduced generation of leads. It can also result in reduced deliverability and open rates, which essentially means reduced email marketing effectiveness. Even worse, it can lead to high subscription churn rates from individuals who you can categorize as targeted clients. That means that sales will be affected, leading to reduced overall profits.

4. Re-Targeting Campaigns

As mentioned earlier, the process of cleaning your email list can allow you to separate or categorize your list into unengaged and engaged contacts. That will help you to avoid sending emails to inactive accounts. The dormant accounts, however, should not all be deleted from your email list and forgotten.

You can also categorize them based on their level of inactivity. For example, there are those that the emails can be delivered. Still, the subscribers do not respond, and others that result in bounced emails. Categorizing and monitoring the inactive email accounts will help you to try proper re-engagement with the account holders.

In a majority of the cases, inactive accounts are usually of subscribers who, at some point, had an engagement with your brand. They can thus be old customers or old prospects. Cleverly re-engaging with them can result in sparking back their interest in your products or services, which can lead to more sales. It is also a lot easier, faster, and cheaper when compared to hunting down new subscribers to your email list.

Some research shows that it can be up to five times costlier to attract a new client compared to keeping an existing one. That is because you will already have some data on old but existing subscribers, including their names, purchase patterns, and real contacts. Even the individuals that have unsubscribed, you can still trace them on social medial and various other platforms using the data or information that you already have. A “We need you back” message, for example, can be enough to start engagement.

5. Retargeting Campaigns

The key to good email marketing is to use available or accessible data efficiently. Employing an A/B test is one of the most effective ways to go about it. The A/B test will help you to determine the most effective email marketing strategy for your company. To carry out the analysis, you need to send out some marketing emails to two groups, namely A and B. The emails that you send to the two groups should have a minor difference. The difference, for example, can be in the subject line or the call to action. The email that performs better is the one that you should continue using moving forward. You can then use the same process to continue improving the emails that you send out.

As much as A/B testing is useful, you might find yourself at cross-purposes with yourself if your list is not cleaned. For example, a high bounce rate and low open rates might result in you making the wrong decision from the A/B test that you conduct. Segmentation may also bring an issue when it comes to A/B testing, as performance will be subject to the subscribers you have on each group. Email list cleaning will significantly reduce the inaccuracy of the results that you are likely to get from the A/B tests that you carry out.


The benefits that you can gain by cleaning your email list today are a lot more than the ones highlighted above. It will allow you to save both time and money, all while improving the results of your email marketing efforts. The process of cleaning an email list is also quite easy. It does not take long, which is encouraging for any business to do it regularly. For some of the top email list cleaning services, you only need to upload the contacts list that you need to be cleaned and then wait for some time to receive a cleaned list. If you have a small list, you can also attempt cleaning it yourself. That, however, might take more of your time and will require more effort.

The ISPs usually watch your spam complaints, unsubscribes, and undelivered emails quite closely. You can be punished if you pass a given threshold. Using the services of a proven email list cleaner can thus help you avoid the punishment. Some of the cleaners also use advanced techniques like spam trap removal, email duplication checker, and risk validator, among others, which can help you to get ahead of the competition.